Friday, December 30, 2011

Troy Williams Down to Five

Troy Williams (Phoebus, VA), a 2013 small forward, has whistled his list down to a manageable five schools. After picking up a North Carolina, it was destined for the Tar Heels to make his top five.

North Carolina, along with Kentucky, Georgetown, Virginia Tech and Villanova made his top five.

A surprise to some, Louisville was not mentioned as a school still in the mix. DePaul, Florida, South Florida, Alabama and Texas, to name a few, were some of the others that missed out on his top five.

Louisville received a visit and nothing indicated that it didn't go well. He is still taking in the Kentucky-Louisville game this New Years day, however.

Williams, a top 10 player by ESPN, has a college ready game and it's easy to see by the school's tracking him.

"They're school's that fit my style of play," Williams told Jeff Borzello. "They're also not that far away for my family."