Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jonathan Severe Likes Five Schools

One of the more talented players in the New York area is guard Jonathan Severe.

Severe, at 6-3, has been out of the limelight for sometime due to an injury sustained last year to his wrist, but is as ready as can be for the upcoming season.

Right now, most would agree that Severe is an interesting off-guard. He can score with ease towards the rim and he's continue to develop his jump shot and it looks better than ever but it's still something he's improving.

"[I'm working on] my handle, shot and defense," he said. "I'm also trying to get my wrist back to 100-percent. Right now, it's about 90-percent."

The injury to his wrist is continuously improving but it tends to bother him sometimes. He did iterate that he's never felt the same since the injury occurred.

On the recruiting end, the injury hasn't hurt him as much as it usually would. Florida assistant Norm Roberts was at his open gym this week and has told him before that he likes what he brings to the table.

Severe wasted no time by responding that Florida was his 'dream school' and also said because of that distinction, the Gators have a huge edge in his recruitment.

The Gators have showed continued interest and is the lone school that sticks out that shows the most interest.

Despite not having an offer, just yet, it could come in the future as Florida gets a better look at what kind of progress he's made since the injury sidelined his last year.

Despite the obvious love for Florida, Severe is also considering Ohio State, Texas, Miami and his hometown school of St. John's.

But also made sure to remind me that these are not his final five. He's certainly open to more schools.

"These are the [programs] I like," he said. "I'm open to who wants me more, but I just like them five colleges."

Coming off injury, Severe is likely to see more schools get involved as he heads towards his third season at Christ the King.

Playing with highly touted players like Isaiah Lewis, Omar Calhoun and Jordan Fuchs and many other D-1 talent, Severe has a chance to make a huge impression with many college coaches gazing on at the amount of talent at Christ the King.

After just getting back into the recruiting motion, Severe is unsure when he will start to think about what school will better suit his services. However, he didn't discount staying home to play for an in-state school by saying, "It doesn't matter."