Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Arena Pulse and Collegiate Hoops 2011 Mock Draft

The 2011 NBA draft has been called one of the weakest in recent memory. Players like Jared Sullinger, Harrison Barnes, Perry Jones and more decided to forgo the NBA draft and return to college.

That not only made the, already weak, NBA draft worse but despite the depth in the class, the 2011 class does have game changing players.

Cleveland at No. 1 is sold on selecting Duke star Kyrie Irving but the other picks can be disputed. @TheArenaPulse and myself assembled our view on how the 2011 NBA draft will unfold. Here it goes:

1. The Cleveland Cavaliers select Kyrie Irving from Duke University (AP)

This is a no brainer. In Irving's time at Duke, he lead the Blue Devils in scoring and assist before injury. He's a great lead guard and will be able to make a big impact in Cleveland immediately.

2. The Minnesota Timberwolves select Derrick Williams from the University of Arizona (CH)

If you're the T'Wolves, Derrick Williams is just too good of a player to pass on. He's one of those special players that can impact the game inside or out. Most are focused on the drawback that Williams has no definite position but one should point out that he's one heck of a basketball player.

3. The Utah Jazz select Brandon Knight from the University of Kentucky (AP)

The Utah Jazz traded away their star point guard in Deron Williams mid-season and will also lose Andrei Kirilenko to free agency, so the third pick could go anyway. But I believe the Jazz go after one of the best point guards in the draft.

4. The Cleveland Cavaliers select Enes Kanter from Turkey (CH)

Enes Kanter said it himself, if he and Irving are taken by the Cavaliers, Cleveland will make the playoffs; I buy it. Alongside JJ Hickson insert Kanter along with Irving and you have one of the better younger teams in the NBA.

5. The Toronto Raptors select Jonas Valanciunas from Lithuania (AP)

The Raptors could use some help in the paint and Jonas Valanciunas is probably the best you can get if you're Toronto.

6.  Washington Wizards--6-11 PF Jan Veseley from Czech Republic (CH)

7. Sacramento Kings--6-7 SF Kawhi Leonard from San Diego State University (AP)

8. Detroit Pistons--6-9 PF Bismack Biyombo from Congo (CH)

9. Charlotte Bobcats--6-1 PG Kemba Walker from the University of Connecticut (AP)

10. Milwaukee Bucks--6-7 SG Klay Thompson from Washington State University (CH)

11. Golden State--6-6 SG Alec Burks from the University of Colorado (AP)

12. Utah Jazz--6-9 SF Chris Singleton from Florida State University (CH)

13. Phoenix Suns--6-9 PF Marcus Morris from the University of Kansas (AP)

14. Houston Rockets--6-9 PF Tristian Thompson from the University of Texas (CH)

15. Indiana Pacers--6-9 C Markieff Morris from the University of Kansas (AP)

16. Philadelphia 76ers--6-9 SF Jordan Hamilton from the Univeristy of Texas (CH)

17. New York Knicks--6-3 PG Jimmer Fredette from Brigham Young Univerisy (AP)

18. Washington Wizards--7-0 C Nikola Vucevic from USC (CH)

19. Charlotte Bobcats--6-6 PG/SG Iman Shumpert from Georgia Tech University (AP)

20. Minnesota Timberwolves--6-5 SG Marshon Brooks from Providence College (CH)

21. Portland Trailblazers--6-3 PG Reggie Jackson from Boston College (AP)

22. Denver Nuggets--7-0 PF Donatas Motiejunas from Lithuania (CH)

23. Houston Rockets--6-3 PG Josh Selby from the University of Kansas (AP)

24. Oklahoma City Thunder--6-8 PF Kenneth Faired from Morehead State (CH)

25. Boston Celtics--6-8 SF Tobias Harris from the University of Tennessee (AP)

26. Dallas Mavericks--6-10 SF Nikola Mirotic from Serbia (CH)

27. New Jersey--6-8 Kyle Singler from Duke University (AP)

28. Chicago Bulls--6-7 SF Tyler Honeycutt from UCLA (CH)

29. San Antonio Spurs--6-10 SF Davis Bertans from Latvia (AP)

30. Chicago Bulls--6-9 PF Justin Harper from the University of Richmond (CH)