Friday, March 11, 2011

Pat Knight Optimistic About Firing

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell
Pat Knight began his career at Texas Tech as an assistant to his father, the legendary, Bob Knight. Bob Knight ended his career turning Texas Tech around leading them to winning seasons, all but one year while coaching.

Pat Knight, however, wasn't so fortunate.

Knight turned in one winning season in his three full seasons as head coach at Texas Tech.

Knight never surpassed five wins in the Big 12 conference, and never was invited to the big dance.

Knight was handed the Red Raiders with a chance to keep Texas Tech as a national powerhouse. He loss his first two, but wins over ranked teams like Kansas State and Texas had many thinking big in Lubbock.

Instead of a storybook ending, Knight ran Tech right back in turmoil and during his four-year tenure, that concluded March, 7, 2011, he turned in a 50-61 coaching record.

In the end, Knight's undoing at Texas Tech came to no ones surprise. Coach Knight struggled establishing the same motion offense, and man-to-man defense executed so well by his father.

Recruiting posted a huge problem for Knight as well. Not being able to put consistent young talent on the floor hurt his chances of improving Tech.

In his last press conference as a coach at Texas Tech, Knight went out with class. A nine minute video by RaiderPowerTV shows the former coach go out with class. Enjoy!

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