Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Look For a Better Decision-Making McCamey in 11'

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell
The Illinois Fighting Illini might open up the season as one of the best teams in the NCAA. Thank Demetri McCamey for coming back, and Head Coach Bruce Weber for surrounding him with hot young talent.

But let's be clear here, McCamey wasn't always the favorable player in late game situations. Do you remember when Illinois played Utah and McCamey turned the ball over seven times?

The Illini ended up losing the game by two, and McCamey finished with three assist, and seven turnovers. How about the time McCamey lost his head during the Wisconsin game where they were blown out.

During both of those games, and throughout the season McCamey displayed poor decision-making. On the season, McCamey turned the ball over almost four times a game, 3.4 to be exact.

However, this upcoming season the Illini senior guard will be a better decision maker. Last year, McCamey wanted to do too much because he lacked enough talent to keep his team competitive.

You would often see him try to force the offense in late-game situations, or whenever the Illini needed a bucket.

This season, the Illini brought in Jereme Richmond, Meyers Leonard, and Crandell Head to help McCamey. The Fighting Illini also retained Mike Davis, Mike Tisdale, and D.J Richardson from last year's squad.

However, Richmond will be the recruit to open-eyes and will most likely be on the end of many McCamey assist. According to McCamey, Richmond is the Illini's Evan Turner. He can play multiple positions and should rack up a lot of stats for the Illini.

Not only will added talent help his decision-making, but the summer experience will help as well. McCamey was present to the LeBron James Skills Academy were he was paired with many other top players in the country.

An experience like that is favorable for any player looking for an edge. McCamey is a key asset to the Fighting Illini.

Coach Weber embraces one of the top guards in the country. Last season, McCamey improved his assist drastically from a year ago. He averaged 7.1 assist, compared to the 4.1 acquired his sophomore year.

With the betterment of his game, I expect McCamey to be a far better decision maker then he was last year. He will strive with the added talent, cut back on turnovers, and possibly lead his team through the challenges of the NCAA Tournament.

The Illini returned all five starters from last year's NIT team, but brought in stellar freshman. The expectations are high for the Illini, and Illinois' fans cannot wait until the season tips-off.

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