Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Harrison Barnes Leads ACC's Top Players

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell
The ACC Conference is home to the defending champion Duke Blue Devils. They are conceived to take the conference by storm next season with the freshman acquired and firepower contained.

However, the Duke Blue Devils will not embrace one of the best playmakers in the conference.

Harrison Barnes is considered one of the best players in all of College Basketball as a true freshman by many media outlets.

That is why he edges out everyone else as the top playmaker in the ACC Conference. Here are the top-10 athletes in the ACC Conference.

1. Harrison Barnes (Freshman) - North Carolina Tarheels

Harrison Barnes, a very skilled freshman from Ames, Iowa landed in the arms of Roy Williams and the North Carolina Tarheels. Words can't explain how easily Barnes puts the ball in the basket.

Barnes is equipped with an great jump shot that he let's off with confidence. With that comes ball-handling skills that allows him to get anywhere he wants on the court. Not to mention, he has the ability to play on the low block and dominate in the paint.

With Barnes, despite the lack of frontier force, the Tarheels will be one of the best teams in the ACC.

2. Nolan Smith (Senior) - Duke Blue Devils

This summer Duke's senior guard Nolan Smith put up 50-plus in a NC Pro Am game. He expands the defense, takes you inside, and utilizes his versatility.

Smith is one of those players that are tough to guard. If you want to take away his shot, he drives and finishes around the lane with floaters, and lay-ups. Same with if you want to take away his driving lane, you have to account for his shot.

Last year, Smith accounted for 17.4 points per game on a Blue Devils team that won the National Championship.

3. Durand Scott (Sophomore) - Miami (FL) Hurricanes

Durand Scott, along with Dwayne Collins had the 'Canes flying last season. He didn't exactly "wow" people with his scoring ability, but he did pose a threat every time he stepped foot on the court.

Scott is at his best when he is the main facilitator. He averaged just under four assist per outing. However, he was able to pull down four rebounds per game, acquire 1.2 steals and score 10.3 points per game.

His all around effort was a plus for the 'Canes and he is considered an NBA-prospect because of it.

4. Kyrie Irving (Freshman) - Duke Blue Devils

Kyrie Irving, a freshman guard for Duke is one of the better playmaking guards in the ACC. His ability to get anywhere on the court with his elite ball-handling skills is a plus for the Blue Devils.

Not to mention, he has great leaping ability, a jump shot, and his finishing ability is above-average.

Irving is a walking highlight reel. Every time Irving steps foot on the floor expect the crowd on their feet all 40-minutes of the contest. Yes, Irving is that good.

Malcolm Delaney/V-Tech Hokies
5. Malcolm Delaney (Senior) - Virginia Tech Hokies

Malcolm Delaney is one of the better athletes in the ACC. Delaney's is an complete lead guard that will excel with four starters healthy with the season right around the corner.

Delaney's ability to manage the game and get his team in prime position to win the game is a plus for the Hokies. Not to mention, his scoring ability is off the charts. He scored an outstanding 20.3 points per game last season.

With better scheduling of tougher opponents for the Hokies, I expect to see them dancing. Especially with Delaney at the helm.

6. Kyle Singler (Senior) - Duke Blue Devils

Singler was one of the main reasons the Blue Devils won the National Title. His leadership ability lifted the Blue Devils over both Duke and Butler.

He came through big time in both of those games, and with him returning the Blue Devils can compete for the National title once again.

7. C.J. Leslie (Freshman) - NC State Wolfpack

C.J. Leslie was considered one of the best forwards, better yet players, in the 2010 recruiting class. He is a 6-foot-9 forward with no designated position.

You can place Leslie on the wing, or in the post and expect the same intensity. Leslie has a high motor, and is determined to put his team in prime position to win it all.

8. John Henson (Sophomore) - North Carolina Tarheels

Last season, John Henson faced the learning curve until former-Tarheel Ed Davis was injured. Thereafter, Henson filled in for the injury star. He didn't do so well, but this season Henson is a completely different player.

Henson added bulk, enhanced his game, and is ready to show his doubter his progression.

9. Tracy Smith (Senior) - NC State Wolfpack 

Tracy Smith last season during an upset against the defending champion Duke Blue Devils, Smith scored 23 points. He had the Wolfpack fired up about the ACC conference race.

Smith headed into his senior year will start for a team surrounded by talented freshman. Smith will continue his scoring and rebounding dominance, in hopes to get the Wolfpack into the NCAA Tournament.

10. Jordan Williams (Sophomore) - Maryland Terrapins

Jordan Williams almost averaged a double-double during his first season with the 'Terps. Now without Grevis Vasquez, Williams will have the chance to impress more with his ability.

Last season, the sophomore averaged 9.8 points, and 8.6 rebounds. His scoring ability will be embraced by many Terp' fans this year. Williams is a sensational athlete and with his contributions Maryland could surprise in the ACC.

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