Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Kentucky Wildcats Need Trevor Lacey

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell
The Kentucky Wildcats have the best 2011 recruiting class without a question. The Wildcats have acquired four of the best players in the country. Not to mention, they have players still considering the program, and could possibly commit.

With so much talent you wouldn't assume the Wildcats would need another top-tier player to commend their already talented four superstars. Unfortunately, that isn't the case.

The Wildcats are still contenders for 2011 combo-guard Trevor Lacey. According to sources, Assistant Coach Orlando Antigua recently visited the guard and let him know they were still interested.

Lacey, a 6-foot-3 threat out of the backcourt, has a lot of qualities that Kentucky could use. His range and jump shot would be a key asset to Kentucky in 2011-12.

Not to mention, he can finish strong around the rim, does not play selfish, and is the definition of a team player.

Lacey could commend the four players that already committed very well. He usually takes what the defense gives him, and doesn't force anything. That is very beneficial, especially when playing with athletes that Kentucky was able to acquire.

With little or no interest in acquiring Tony Wroten Jr, the Wildcats need Lacey to commit to there program. He is a huge asset, and could play both positions in the backcourt. With Lacey, the Kentucky 2011 recruiting class is extraordinary, without him they're elite.

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