Monday, September 6, 2010

B.J Young To Arkansas Means No Ky Madden?

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell

Ky Madden, a native of Arkansas, has been watched by Coach John Pelphrey closely. Before his emergence, Madden reportedly told sources he had a top two of Ole Miss and Arkansas. However, with his progression, more schools have called, and he opened up his recruitment.

Madden, a 6-foot-5 shooting guard, has great physical tools to succeed. According to his father, his son has no favorite, but does plan to visit schools before announcing his discretion.

UConn will be first, September 8-10, Baylor, September 11th, then Ole Miss and Arkansas. Since Arkansas and Ole Miss are close to home, Madden isn't so sure about the dates, but did say either the 17th or 24th of September.

However, seeing that B.J. Young announced his decision to be a Razorback, Madden seems out of reach.

Madden plays the same position as Young. He has the physical abilities, scoring mentality and continues to create buzz that recruiters like. 

Madden does have a dark-side that many recruiters would like to throw to the side. His temper continues to flare on court, and that throws red flags to many programs.

Nonetheless, Madden is too talented to pass up if you’re any college program. But trying to acquire both Madden and Young will be tougher than adding Quincy Miller to an already stacked Kentucky recruiting class.

Don't count it out. With the progression of Young, I assume he will make his way to the point guard position before the end of his senior year in High School. With that, Young could be placed at the lead position in the backcourt, which opens up room for Madden on the wing.

Collectively with Madden and Young, Arkansas can be dominant. But don't expect to see them together. It's tough trying to acquire two highly touted recruits that play the same position. Don't forget, it has happened!

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