Sunday, August 8, 2010

College Basketball Rumors: Quincy Miller a Lock at Louisville?

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell
The past week, the Louisville Cardinals were brought up for all the wrong reasons. Their Head Coach Rick Pitino was involved  in a situation where Karen Sypher allegedly extorted money. She was found guilty of all six counts, and Rick Pitino is left with happiness.

I said it before the trial, I did not think it would effect the recruits considering the program.

In fact, a remarkable 
highly-touted recruit is still considering the program after what happened. It's not Rick Pitino, but the newly acquired assistant coach Tim Fuller.

Fuller has a strong 
relationship with Quincy Miller.

According to, Miller is favoring the Cardinals, and would like to attend Louisville but has his doubts. Rick Pitino is not a coach that supports one-and-done players. 

That is what Miller can become, and under Coach Pitino that thought could be out of the picture.

Miller and his best friend Deuce Bello have both received offers from Louisville, and I think that is where they are headed. I've said it all along, Miller and Bello will 
commit to Louisville and bring other recruits with them.

Tony Wroten still favors Louisville, as well. 
Recruiting Wayne Blackshear, Wroten Jr., Miller and Bello spells top-five recruiting class.

However, as we know, anonymous sources 
say a lot of wild things. This may be just speculation or a wake-up call for the Louisville program.

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