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Leonard Washington to Wyoming a Good Fit?

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell
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Whatever the case may have been, Leonard Washington couldn't stay on the basketball court for a full season.  As soon as he threw on a USC jersey, ten games later he had an ankle injury that sidelined him for five games.

Last season, he couldn't play the first ten games because he had been academically ineligible.

Once he did get on the court he still didn't contribute a lot. Most people blamed it on his arrant attitude.

In fact, he is widely remembered for his unpleasant sportsmanship against the Oklahoma Sooners. During his freshman year, in-game, he decided to hit now-NBA rookie Blake Griffin with a low blow.

Either way, the day after the 2009-10 season capped Washington had been dismissed from the team. All season it was whispered that he would potentially transfer not be dismissed. It didn't startle the Trojans but it did stun Washington.

Being an athlete with a vile attitude didn't charm many college programs. However, Wyoming nabbed the risk of acquiring a player of his caliber. It's a risk well taken.

Although Washington may come off as a class act I don't believe he is that bad. I mean we are talking about a very good wing threat.

The 6-foot-7 forward has the ability to create havoc on the wing. He isn't the shooting type but his ability to take defenders off the dribble and finish strong around the rim definitely brings another dimension to the Cowboys.

Wyoming can now celebrate because Washington is a perfect fit. Being somewhere he is happy will certainly change the way he approaches the game.

I'm predicting double-figure scoring in almost every game next season with the Cowboys.

With Afam Muojeke returning from injury, Desmar Jackson and Adam Wadell on next season's roster I expect the Cowboys to be players in the Mountain West Conference.

Last season they finished (3-13) in the Mountain West Conference along with a (10-21) overall record. nevertheless with Washington and the tandem of players that returned I know they will do better than that.

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