Thursday, August 26, 2010

LeBryan Nash Likes The Big 12; Miller and Bello Not Playing Together?

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell
LeBryan Nash a 6-foot-7 recruit from Lincoln High School in Dallas, Texas has always seemed to lean towards the Big 12. Baylor was always conceived to be the leader, and when Nash released his top three he elected Baylor, KU, and Oklahoma State.

Wherever Nash decides to go, he will be an instant upgrade on the wing. He has a big body that is ready to hurdle the challenges, college basketball presents.

Quicy Miller and Deuce Bello, were conceived to be a package deal for Louisville. With so much hype surrounding the topic, and the notion that Bello and Miller would commend Louisville perfectly, the rumors almost seemed true.

However, after hearing Miller say that he would like to play with Bello, but doesn't believe that's what's best for the two, leaves you wondering.
Either way, Miller and Bello didn't rule out playing with each other. The two plan on spending a day at Louisville and could join Tim Fuller, in hopes of landing a huge recruiting class.
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