Thursday, August 5, 2010

Goodbye Chris Allen and Hello Keith Appling

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell

The Spartans always seem to have talent and depth under Head Coach Tom Izzo. It's a fact; every player that stays all four years with Izzo will have the opportunity to play in the Final Four.

That is one beneficial recruiting approach that athletes dream of to be a part of. In addition, he has also raised a banner and improved his players tremendously.

Last season, the Spartans had to deal with Lucas being injured for sometime through Big Ten play. Then they had to play without him throughout the rest of the NCAA tournament.

However, Lucious and the rest of the Spartans stepped up and reached the Final Four without their lead guard Lucas.

Everything about last season was good for the Spartans, well except one thing.

During last season, Chris Allen was whispered to perhaps transfer schools. That rubbed Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo the wrong way. Remember, Allen was suspended for the Big Ten tournament opener. Izzo stated, "It's about being a better teammate." "Believe me, I'm not saying much more about it."

During the past months, it has grown into more than whispers that would result in him actually transferring or dismissed from the team.

Both Tom Izzo and Allen made statements that would silence all the rumors. Allen would be dismissed from the team and according to Fox Sports he is the first player in the Izzo era to be dismissed.

That’s definitely not a good thing to hold on to—especially a player of Allen's caliber.

I really hope his career didn't end here with the Spartans. He does have a final year of eligibility left and could transfer somewhere else.

However, saying goodbye to Allen isn't that hard when Izzo lured in a player like Keith Appling.

Keith Appling will step right in and fill the void. He is a bit undersized for the shooting guard position but his scoring ability off the wing is beneficial.

He also has the ability to transform into an elite point guard with the assistance of Tom Izzo.

Allen's contributions meant a lot when he was on the court, but Appling will help Spartan fans get over the loss of him really quick.

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