Friday, August 13, 2010

Ellis' Mother Says: 'Perry Doesn't Have Any Favorites at this Time.'

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College Basketball recruiting, despite the class, is consistently infiltrated with speculation. That was the situation once I assumed Perry Ellis was leaning towards Memphis as his college choice.

He could potentially select Memphis, but he could also serve KU, UK, KSU, Stanford or any other program that he is considering.

Perry Ellis a 2012 recruit has picked up a lot of momentum this summer. His progression towards the wing rather than the post adds versatility and makes him difficult to defend. Wichita Heights Head Coach says Ellis has been working hard on expanding his jump shot range.

In fact, this summer I witnessed Ellis launching the ball from the three-point line and connecting.

Despite the year, the 6-foot-8 forward has opened eyes even wider, and more speculation has arisen about his recruitment.

To some, Memphis is the leader because of the Josh Pastner-Ellis association or maybe because his sister attends the University. However, Kansas State has been a 
huge player in the recruitment, KU and UK, as well. His 4.0 gpa also says Stanford could be a perfect fit.

The speculation rumors of Perry 
were silenced by his mother Fonda Ellis.

"Perry does not have any favorites currently," she said. "He has a lot of great programs after him and plans to narrow his list next summer."

"Coach Josh (Pastner) has a great relationship with our family, which is very true. He has invited us to come back to the Memphis Madness on October 15th. We have not decided if that will work out yet."

That should remove the notion that anyone is leading. Savannah, Ellis' sister was also brought into the picture, and she had something to say about that. "
We had a great time last year in Memphis. Perry's (Ellis) sister Savannah loves the U (University) of Memphis, but she is not pressuring Perry."

"She wants Perry to decide what is best for him."

Currently, the Memphis Tigers, Kansas State Wildcats, Kansas Jayhawks, Louisville Cardinals and Stanford as well as a few more teams could possibly land the 6-foot-8 forward.

He could go anywhere, and no clear favorite is in mind with two years left of High School.

He elected not to attend the Elite 24 this year because he is more focused on school work rather than basketball. According to his mother, he is taking harder classes this year and striving to keep his 4.0 gpa intact.

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