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Examining The Three Possibly Destinations For Anthony Davis Jr.

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I'm certain everyone tuned in to LeBron James "Decision" to go to the Miami Heat. It was fun to speculate and once he made his decision everyone tuned in. Well since that happened in the NBA, CoHoops didn't cover it. However, with the Anthony Davis saga, I'm going to have fun with this.

I'm addressing it like a mini-decision. It sure feels like one and Anthony Davis Sr. jokingly labeled it a "decision" as well.

Indeed, Davis Jr. requires a lot of eyes or ears witnessing his decision. He is the closest athlete to a Kevin Durant clone. He has a 6-foot-10 frame that comes with ball-handling, shooting range as well as an inside game. His ball-handling and shooting range is still a work in progress but you can't be displeased at the progression he has made this summer.

He has jumped from unknown to potentially the best player in a class that features Quincy Miller, Austin Rivers let alone Michael Gilchrist.

Once Davis Jr. gained fame, colleges from across the nation intended to recruit him. However, only three had been fortunate enough to be considered for his services--Kentucky, DePaul and Ohio State University.

Everyone with knowledge of the situation seems to peg Davis Jr. with Kentucky. However, after long speculation and personal opinion, I think each of the three schools have an equal shot at landing him.

Nonetheless, here is how each of the teams will commend the 6-foot-10 forward

Ohio State University
The Buckeyes have continuously been a commendable recruiting service. They acquired Greg Oden, Michael Conley, Jared Sullinger, Deshaun Thomas and more.  Next year, the Buckeyes' will have four scholarship seniors leaving as well as Sullinger and Thomas who are one-and-done talent.

That will leave Ohio State at least six scholarships to work around Davis Jr. That will also mean he can be the main contributor for a program on a national stage.

The Buckeyes' have already received a verbal commitment from one of the top guards in the class, adding Davis Jr. will only attract more recruits.

Ohio State has a great chance at landing him. It's not that far from home, he could be "the guy" on a national stage as well as improving--i.e. Evan Turner.

Ohio State would be a great for Davis Jr. I understand how he could see himself on the campus. Having Davis Jr. around will remind a lot of Turner's magical year as a Buckeye.

DePaul University
From my personal opinion, DePaul is the best possible choice for Davis Jr. Now before you get defensive here is why. The Blue Demons jumped into his top three to everyone's surprise. DePaul is the closest school to home and that's where I could honestly see him.

He could stay home, play in one of the toughest conferences in America while still improving. Not to mention, he could improve his leadership ability and become that all-around player he is shooting for.

The Blue Demons will have some flexibility with scholarships to help surround Davis Jr. with a few more All-American type players. With Oliver Purnell and Davis Jr. DePaul will certainly start acquiring a winning streak in the Big East versus the losing streak their accustom too.  

Purnell has a long track record of turning programs around, and I know he will do just that with Davis Jr. wearing a Blue Demons jersey in 2011-12.

Kentucky Wildcats
The Kentucky Wildcats and Davis Jr. match perfectly well. The Wildcats can offer him winning, talent, improvement and a shot to be a one-and-done player.

With Marquis Teague and Michael Gilchrist poised to be Kentucky players in 2011-12, Davis Jr. could join and form one of the greatest trio's College Basketball possibly will ever witness.

Two versatile players on the wing with Gilchrist and Davis Jr. while Teague makes sure the offense runs smoothly. My last time seeing a big three form was Joakim Noah, Al Horford and Corey Brewer. However, Teague, Gilchrist and Davis Jr. will come out of high school in a better arrangement.

They can compete with other programs as a National powerhouse during their freshman year. However, for this to occur he will need to commit first.

Overall, I believe each of the three programs suit Davis Jr. well. Ohio State offers a great coach that is familiar with Mr. Versatile and improving players. DePaul offers him the chance to compete at high levels in a tough Big East conference as well as being the teams’ No. 1 option. Lastly, Kentucky offers winning and a chance to be one-and-done.

Who has the edge? I don't know its all speculation right now. Until his mouth forms the words Kentucky, DePaul or Ohio State we'll never know for sure.

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