Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Corey Fisher: 105 Points Or Not, The Villanova Wildcats Are In Good Hands

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell
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The Villanova Wildcats were appreciative for hoisting Scottie Reynolds in the backcourt all four-years. His tenure with the Wildcats exceeded his initial expectations.  As soon as the Wildcats opened their arms to Reynolds they expected one thing and got another.

Reynolds led the Wildcats throughout his career. After his freshman season he was considered a lottery selection but elected to stay and play more College Basketball.

It was a bad decision from an NBA standpoint but all smiles for Villanova. If you ask Head Coach Jay Wright, Reynolds was the face of Villanova Basketball his four-year career. For obvious reasons, he was Big East Rookie of the Year, scored 40 points on UConn, 2010 AP All-American 1st team and 2010 All-Big East 1st team to name a few.

Once he left, I could understand the notion of Villanova thriving for another 'Reynolds' like player. He did so much for the program, kept them competitive and it's hard to say goodbye to a player of his caliber.

They did grasp Corey Fisher the 6-foot-1 guard that has shown promise his first three seasons. Fisher played behind Reynolds or beside and Coach Wright suspected him to step up and fill the role. He was known for his potent shooting ability but his leadership ability was still a question.

This summer, Fisher reportedly played in a New York Summer League game and scored 105 points. Sources say he hit 23-of-28 three points or he had 72 points in the second half, 56 by half and 76 once the final stanza was reached.

I don't know how believable it is, because it's almost like the LeBron James, Jordan Crawford situation. The rumor is in the air but until the video is released, it almost seems unreal. Not to mention, unlike Crawford, Fisher has yet to confirm his performance publically or via Twitter.

Fisher un-real and un-documented performance puts him in the nations spotlight next season. Everybody wants to witness how realistic his scoring ability is. This could be a positive for the Villanova program or negative.

Regardless, the Villanova Wildcats are in good hands with Fisher at the helm. His almost four assist per game as well as 39 percent shooting from downtown solidifies him as the main team player and scoring threat.

The Wildcats will have the liberty of relying on Fisher to make plays, lead the team and get them over the hump next season. Kind of similar to what Reynolds achieved during his four-years as a Wildcat.

With Fisher at the helm, you can only expect great basketball with a lot of scoring. We care to know if the story is true but that is not the reason 'Nova is in good hands. He will have the ability to lead the team and should pick up right where Reynolds left off.

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  2. Jay Wright has to put the ball in Fisher's hand on October 15th and say "go, its yours". No more games, no more crap, no more 38 minutes. Fisher has been held back during his first three years at Nova. Reynolds was part of the reason. Now, just give CF the ball and tell him its his team; he's earned it.

  3. @SeanDon I agree with you! Fisher has done enough to earn the lead role and will prevail next season.

    Thanks for the comment

  4. I meant to say 28 minutes on that last post... 38 is practically the entire game.

  5. @SeanDon It's okay, I knew what you meant.


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