Monday, August 9, 2010

College Basketball Rumors: Chris Allen to Rock UConn Blue In 11-12?

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell

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Former Michigan State guard Chris Allen was reported to transfer to a different school mid-season. He was later suspended before the Big Ten Tournament loss to Minnesota for violating team policy. Head Coach Tom Izzo wasn't optimistic about it and neither were fans in East Lansing.

It wasn't like Allen did anything to cool down the rumors either. But it never withheld him from putting on a Spartan uniform. After the Big Ten Tournament, Allen boxed out the rumors and played basketball.

Despite the injured foot, Allen was a key element to the Spartans Final Four run.

Nonetheless, after the loss to Butler, the speculation began to sluggishly elevate again but this time around Tom Izzo responded. There was really a few ways to go about this. Izzo considered by dismissing Allen, it would benefit the Spartans the most.

For those who don't consider it's a big deal, Allen is the first player dismissed in the "Izzo era" at Michigan State.

However, following his departure, the 6-foot-3 guard started going through the recruitment process once again.

According to his mother and a few other sources, a lot of teams are buzzing about the possibility of landing Allen. She started off by naming a Big East school and then said Connecticut.

In response, a source close to the Huskies' stated that nobody from the Connecticut coaching staff contacted Allen about transferring.

Either way, the speculation continues to grow as it did mid-season. Allen could transfer to select places in the Big East or Conference USA. Picking the right fit for him is beneficial. After this year there will not be any other transfers, just a departure.

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