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CoHoops Q & A With Geoffrey Groselle

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Geoffrey Groselle is a 6-foot-11 225 pound center. He has the ability to block and alter shots. He accumulates a lot of steals because he is alert once the entry pass in being passed into the post. He also has the ability to clean the glass.

His shot-blocking and rebounding is above-average and it brings another dimension to the frontcourt. He has shown the ability to put the ball on the floor and make a play. Although, that is one of the areas he needs to improve.

Overall, Groselle is a great post presence. He is physical, passive and can intimidate as well as make offensive plays in the post.

Wherever Groselle decides to go, the team will have a decent center to build around for about four years.

Groselle sat down with CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell for a brief interview and had this to say.

How are you doing today?
GG: Good

How is the off-season going?
GG: It’s pretty good. I been injured for most of it but I’m back now and ready to go.

Tell me a little more about your injury
GG: I had a tear in my right meniscus and had arthroscopic surgery about five weeks ago.

Do you think that will affect the way you play basketball?
GG: Not at all once I get back into playing shape it should have no effect on the way I play

What kind of things are you doing this off-season to get better?
GG: allot of skills work and lifting I feel allot stronger already and I have gained 15 pounds

What do you think colleges value most about your game?
GG: The way I can run up and down the court, and how I can block shots and rebound 

What school is actively recruiting you?
GG: Utah, Texas, the citadel, Pitt, Colorado St., cal, Texas A&M, Alabama, north Texas, and SMU.

If the process ended today, what school would you be at?
GG: I have no idea

What does winning mean to you?
GG: It means alot to me and will play a huge role in my decision

How do you bounce back after defeat?
GG: I just have to put it behind me and get back to work.

What is the most underrated part of your game?
GG: My elbow jumper

How long do you think you'll take with your decision?
GG: I hope to have made my decision by early signing period.

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