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CoHoops Q & A: 2014 Recruit Leron Black Talks Basketball

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Leron Black is one of the top freshman High School players in the country. I would like to thank him for sitting down with CoHoops and chatting about basketball.

Black is a 6-foot-6 forward/guard that can do a lot of things with the basketball. His slashing ability is up-to-par, while his inside game is just amazing.

By the end of his senior year in high school, a lot of colleges are going to start taking notice of the talented wingman. He has a great head on his shoulders and will to succeed.

Here is what he had to say in a one-on-one interview with CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell.

How are you today?
LB: I'm great.

How's your summer been?
LB: It's pretty good.

Have you attended any camps recently?
LB: Yes, the Fab Frosh All-American Camp.

How well do you think you did?
LB: Well I played in the All-Star game, which was the top 20 players but I think I was top ten.

What was it like playing against top-tier talent?
LB: It's fun and a lot harder than playing against kids my age here in Memphis.

Have you heard anything from Colleges?
LB:  Yes, I got a letter from the University of Virginia. Tennessee and Memphis has talked to me and coaches have told me that Kent State and Ole Miss like me.

How does that make you feel?
LB: It makes me feel like I need to keep working hard, so Colleges will still want me when I'm older.

What do you think is your biggest strength?
LB: Probably getting to the rim and my mid-range jumper.

How much time do you put towards improving your game?
LB: About three to four hours a day.

What exactly are you trying to improve?
LB: My ball-handling and getting in better shape.

You're already 6-foot-6 heading into your freshman year of High School, how much more growing do you think you'll do?
LB: I think I'll be at least 6-foot-9.

So what positions do you plan on playing next year and the years to come?
LB: Most likely a two guard and a three.

What is your best defensive trait?
LB: It's blocking shots, getting steals and stopping my man from getting to the rim.

ESPN basically says that you're a skilled player that can play up to three positions. How does that make you feel?
LB: It's a good feeling to know they think that.

What is your ultimate basketball goal?
LB: To make it to the NBA.

Would you say you modeled you game after anyone?
LB: Probably Kevin Durant.

Four years down the road, how good will you be?
LB: Hopefully the best player in the country.

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