Friday, August 13, 2010

Chris Allen To Iowa State Would Benefit Both Parties

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell
The Michigan State Spartans made an arduous judgment excusing would-of-been senior guard Chris Allen. Reportedly, the phone was ringing off the hook once Tom Izzo excuses Allen from his duties as a Spartan.

It is not 
stunning to realize that either. He was a key element to the Final Four run with the Spartans last season. His leadership, defense and three-point shooting ability would enhance any team in America.

Under Tom Izzo, Allen was able to develop and 
tweak a few skills on his way towards full potential.

Allen could perchance take his talents to a selection of schools. However, one thing is evident—Allen will not play basketball anywhere in Michigan.

The first stop on his 
college journey was with Fred Hoiberg and the Iowa State Cyclones.

The Cyclones are facing a 
significant problem. They lost so much this past season and collared one promising piece of the puzzle. With a new coach, hardly any talent and facing one of the toughest basketball conferences in America, the Cyclones are clearly in for a tough test.

Royce White was the first 
talented transfer to answer their cries for help. He was one of the top wing players in the county coming out of high school. Instead of attending other colleges, he elected to stay home and play basketball with the Gophers. 

He got into legal trouble, quit the 
team and now is an Iowa State Cyclone.

to NCAA rules he is not allowed to play this season but will be suiting up for the Cyclones during the 11-12' season. Now, if you add Chris Allen, the Cyclones could have a special roster.

The Cyclones have done a decent job with their 2011 recruiting class by acquiring Elgin Cook one of the hottest wing players in the country. They have also gained the attention of a few more High School stars that could identify Ames, Iowa as home.

With Allen, White and Cook the Cyclones could be out of the slump in no time. Allen would 
bring leadership and complete scoring ability. With the Spartans, they were consistently a strong team. They grappled a second-unit that could start for most college programs. Not to mention, Keith Appling was not helping the cause either.

With the Cyclones, Allen would 
seize maximum flexibility to score in bunches. He almost shot 40 percent from three last season, and he could do that for the Cyclones.

He and his mother both agreed with enrolling now, so he could be allowed to play in ‘11-12.

However, the deadline to enroll in fall classes is creeping up on Allen. He has reportedly only visited Iowa State, and I 
suppose they have the best chance of landing Former-Mr. Georgia.

That would 
set up a place for him to showcase his full potential and potentially overwhelm NBA scouts throughout his final year as a Collegiate Athlete.

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