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Anthony Davis Could Throw The First 2011 Recruiting Curve Ball

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A few days ago, stories circulated that Anthony Davis has made his decision. However, he isn't prepared to pledge his elected college, just yet.

One source says that he just doesn't know how to tell people. They've thought of on TV or in person. They want to tell the media but are you puzzled at how to go about it. Jokingly, Davis Sr. labels it a mini-decision.

Foregoing the Nike Peach Jam Tournament, many never knew who Davis was. He was a very good prep star but still unknown.

After showcasing his skill-set in the tournament against the other elite talent, scouts took notice. Since acquiring media attention, Davis has garnered offers or looks from almost every college in the country. That didn't indicate they contained an opportunity to acquire the forward either.

DePaul, Ohio State and Kentucky all rest inside his top three college choices. Plenty of fan and media outlets seem to steer Davis towards Coach Calipari and the Kentucky Wildcats. Although I do believe Kentucky has the best chance to bag the forward, I wouldn't be overwhelmed if he went with DePaul or Ohio State.

It has happened before. The coach at Baylor seemed to make all the right moves to lure-in the McDonald's All-American Perry Jones. It could be the same situation with DePaul and Oliver Purnell. In fact, the Blue Demons must possess something that Davis likes because they're competing against two powerful recruiting services.

As for Ohio State, he did turn down future visits with the Buckeyes but he has also been present on the campus plenty of times. Not to mention, Ohio State has done a great job of recruiting Davis. They sent three coaches to his last game while Kentucky wasn't present. They also, have made sure to be there when Davis is playing.

Nonetheless, the more we guess, the more this looks like another decision featuring Anthony Davis. I actually think that's where it's headed. It's not surprising, especially since we're in the aftermath of LeBron James "decision."

Now, here comes the fun part—waiting. If there is one thing you can do Kentucky, DePaul and Ohio State fans, it's not get your hopes up.

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