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With Jeremy Hazell Seton Hall Could Surprise In 2010-11'

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell
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When most people think about Seton Hall they remember the run they made in 1989.

It was their first time in the National Championship and they were one-point short.

Last season, Seton Hall surprised us all in the Big East. Not only did they start (8-0) but defeated Cornell, Pittsburgh, Louisville and Notre Dame. Not to mention, they competed with Georgetown, Connecticut, Syracuse, West Virginia and Marquette.

But some believe they had a weak non-conference schedule but they also achieved a (9-9) record in one of the toughest conferences in America.

Now, with Jeremy Hazell and Herb Pope returning for another season of College Basketball, Seton Hall could surprise in the Big East.

They did bring in a decent recruiting class that highlights 6-foot-11 England prospect Aaron Geramipoor.

The losses of John Garcia and Eugene Harvey shouldn't be a huge setback. Jordan Theodore and Ferrakohn Hall will need to step up—which I believe they will.

But, the key to Seton Hall's success lies within Hazell's decision-making.

Last season, Hazell was one of the most prolific scorers in the Big East. He had multiple 30-point games and a 40-point outing.

As the season progressed, Hazell started drawing a lot of double-teams; none of which came with smart decision-making. However, sometimes, he was still allowed to score.

Last season, during a blowout loss to Pitt, Hazell took seven-shots. Five three-pointer and none went in. He ended the game 1-of-7 with two points.

This shows the questionable shot-selection of Hazell. However, if he cleans this up the Pirates can be productive in the Big East.

He is a great shooter. However, if he continues to make poor decisions, Seton Hall will not be invited to the dance in March.

With a decent recruiting class that gives Seton Hall a lot of size on their frontline; a new Hazell that will clean up his shot-selection, the Pirates are my sleeper team in the Big East.

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