Saturday, July 3, 2010

Why The Latest Accusations Against John Wall Is Nothing More Than Speculation

Everybody knows John Wall, and what he has done for Kentucky.

But after the season he had, Wall was selected No. 1 overall by the Washington Wizards.

Now here comes speculation. With Allen Iverson career winding down, Reebok was definitely looking for a new face. 

So why not extend their offer to bring in the hottest young talent in Wall?

The current accusations are that Wall's former AAU coach negotiates the Reebok deal. Now the NCAA is poised to look at all Kentucky players’ connection with professional agents.

One word: Speculation! One Phrase: Yellow Journalism!

There are so many people out there that have been trying to dig deep and find the slightest mistakes UK has made since signing Coach Calipari.

However, linking Wall to this is a bit crazy.

Wall has been the model player since his days in high school. He is a smart kid, and has a great mindset. Out of all the players in college, Wall would be the last person linked to accusations like this.

Remember how LeBron James came onto the scene?

He was a hot commodity, and boom; speculation started flying about illegal benefits.

Now here comes a similar situation, but different player.

So, college basketball fans, sports fan, or just people in general; here is two things you must know.

  • Coach Calipari has nothing to do with this
As soon as the speculations started flying around, everybody turned their heads to Coach Calipari rather than the player.

Last time I checked, it said the players were being investigated not Coach Calipari.

Just because he recruits players that have bad reputations--that happen to be pretty good players--doesn't mean the media has to attack him every time speculation starts. 

  • It's nothing more than speculation
The Kentucky basketball has gone through a lot since hiring Coach Calipari.

There was the DeMarcus Cousins' trouble, Eric Bledsoe transcript, and now John Wall's Reebok deal.

None of that was proven up to this day. Until anything is proven, I believe fans need to give these Kentucky players a break.

Just because Coach Calipari reaches out to the five-star recruits that your team wants, doesn't mean he is cheating. He is simply a better recruiter and I think everybody hates him for that.

Until any of this is proven, it's nothing more than speculation.

(I want to know what you think. Is this speculation or does the Kentucky players really have something to hide? Let me know, send me an email at or simply reply below)

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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  1. That's what you call a John Wall hater! JWall number 2 LETS GO!!!!!

  2. Obviously the journalist here is a UK fanatic....calapari has ran 2 programs into the dirt and within a few years he will make it 3

  3. I'm actually a K-State fan. I just don't understand how the players get in trouble and it's Calipari's fault.

  4. People better get head's out of the sand, the game has changed drastacticly from when Kentucky had people like Rupp ran that program.
    The people who destroyed college basketball are alumni and big money booster's because they want their university to be top dog, yes they get the coach they want with there influnce, and hidden cash, so today alumni,booster's,recruiter's,five star player's,
    whatever its one big sespool out there in most all of big college basketball, don't get mad at a coach Calapari, THE UNIVERSITY WANTED A BIG TIME COACH, AND HE PRODUCED, HE DID kENTUCKY A FAVOR WHEN THEY BROUGHT HIM IN, AND THEY HAVE WON.

  5. What ^ said! Coach Calipari get's in the winning column regardless!

    UK hired him, so don't be mad at the results


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