Friday, July 16, 2010

Sidney Lowe Ryan Harrow Has To Prove You Wrong To?

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell
While doing my daily search of college basketball news, I noticed that Sidney Lowe the Head Coach of the NC State set the bar low for Ryan Harrow.

Now my initial reaction was that he had a few bad games. However, after visiting his twitter account, he hasn't disappointed.

So, basically Sidney Lowe is saying Harrow will not be what everybody is expecting.

The last person I would have thought Ryan Harrow would have to prove wrong was his coach. This is the guy that recruited him. Now, he is supposedly lowering the bar for Harrow?

That makes no sense.

I guess the 6-foot guard will prove him wrong like the rest of the nation. Lowering the bar for Harrow will only make him look that much better.


  1. Was Coach Lowe interviewed and made this comment or is this being taken out of context? He was the first to say he did not care about Ryan's size.

  2. Actually, ESPN broke the story about a possible learning curve. It was an Insider story.


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