Friday, July 16, 2010

Sidney Lowe It's Time To Put Up, Or Shut Up

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell
The NC State Wolfpack signed Sidney Lowe to be their Head Coach in 2006. In his first season, he led the Wolfpack to a (20-16) record, the ACC Championship title game, and a NIT Berth.

It was all a step-down from what NC State achieved the season before. 

The following year, the Wolfpack didn’t achieve a winning record and ended the season on a nine-game losing streak. It wasn't like they had scrubs on their team either. NC State was equipped with J.J. Hickson and Gavin Grant.

In the 2008-09 season, the Wolfpack did end the season above .500, defeated a ranked opponent, but besides that, the season did amount to anything.

Now let's talk about last season. The Wolfpack improved their record and was granted a NIT berth, defeated the eventual National Champions, but other than that, nothing significant happen to praise Sidney Lowe as a great coach.

But this year, the chances of the Wolfpack finally making Sidney Lowe look like a good coach is very likely. 

First off C.J Leslie, the Word of God standout will be suiting up for the Wolfpack next season. He is considered to be a 6-foot-9 power forward, but in my mind, I believe he is more of a wing threat. 

He has ball-handling skills, a jump-shot and the ability to score at will in the post. 

Leslie is the most versatile player that Sidney Lowe acquired this off-season.

I expect to see him playing inside-out depending on how Lowe adjusts to his game.

Next, we have Ryan Harrow. Harrow is a 6-foot guard that has handles for days. He has the ability to get anywhere on the court. With that, follows elite passing and vision.

At 6-foot even, Harrow is very long guard. He displays good leaping skills and explosiveness.

Harrow is the most underrated player in the recruiting class. He was tabbed inside ESPN, Rivals and Scouts top 100 prospects but people still question his ability to play at the collegiate level.

He is smaller than most guards but like he said when he was a child, "size doesn't matter; it’s how big your heart is."

Lastly, Lorenzo Brown will be joining the two at NC State. Last year in the 2009 recruiting class, Brown was considered one of the best in the class. However, he took another route before enrolling at NC State.

Brown is a 6-foot-4 guard that can do whatever he wants on the court. He kind of reminds me of Evan Turner. He has great ball-handling ability, not really flashy, but does get the job done.

Brown scores in many ways. His destine position should be at the two but with his vision and passing skills I could see him playing the one.

Brown will be the x-factor on this team. They will have Harrow running the show, Leslie in the post and Brown on the wing.

I expect to see Brown come in and help the Wolfpack contend in the ACC.

Now as for Sidney Lowe, this is your chance to prove that you can coach. You have now surrounded yourself with Elite talent, and now it's time to execute.

The Wolfpack fans are anxious to see what is next for the program. They are going to expect more than NIT Berths, wins over ranked opponents, and stuff that only matters in the regular season. 

They want to see NC State in the NCAA Tournament. Not just getting there, they want to see wins in the tournament.

It is now time for Sidney Lowe to put up or shut up. Can you handle the pressure? I sure hope he can. NC State is jam-packed with too much talent.

It's NC State's time to shine in College Basketball. One way or the other, Head Coach Sidney Lowe will prove if he is either a great coach or a potent recruiter.


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