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The Short Stint: Reviewing The Possible One-and-Done Players

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell
Believe it or not, the one-and-done rule has gotten under a lot of people's skin.

The one-and-done players are usually the players that do not belong in the college game at all. These are the players that could have gone straight from high school to the NBA.

However, since the rule has incorporated, we have bad student-athletes, speculations, recruiting violations and more.

If you ask me, I think the one-and-done rule should be dead-and-gone. Forcing players to the college game is doing more bad than good. You have players that only pass their first semester classes then throw away the second semester.
That takes a toll on academics as well as the school’s reputation.

Finding these one-and-done players are hard to do. It's usually the ones with outstanding abilities at a young age.

Next season, we may not see a lot of one-and-done players. Here is a list of potential candidates:

Josh Selby 6'2'' PG, Kansas

Selby is a big-time scoring guard out of the backcourt. He can spread the defense and create havoc on offense. He is most effective with the ball driving to the lane.

He uses floaters, pick-and-pop and his athleticism on offense very well. He is an explosive leaper, which explains why he won the high school dunk contest.

He is athletically one of the best incoming freshmen next year.

In an interview, Selby stated "I don't think I'm going to be one-and-done, but you never know." He followed up by saying, "Hopefully I do be one-and-done because that's one of my goals."

Harrison Barnes 6'7'' SF, North Carolina

Barnes is a freak athlete. He is considered to be the best incoming freshman this year. He is very long, clocking a 6-foot-11 wingspan according to

He has the ability to drive the lane and finish strong. He can also finish outside the paint with mid-range jumpers and three-balls.

His ball-handling and passing is starting to improve. Barnes is a great prospect that is always looking to improve. He may not be a one-and-done because of his background. If he continues improving, I think he will be too good for college basketball after one-year.

He is my projected No. 1 overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft.

Kyrie Irving 6'1'' PG, Duke

Irving is the most complete point guard in the country. I agree with his coach when he said Irving will be arguably the best guard to come out of New Jersey; EVER!

He is a big-time playmaker on offense. I say playmaker because, he doesn't always have to score; he sets his teammates up well.

He uses his speed and Allen Iverson like crossovers to get into the lane. He breaks a lot of defenders down off the dribble and scores aggressively at the rim.

He can shoot, play defense, pass, has the great vision, and most importantly lead his team to victory. Irving next year, will be the best point guard in college. If he does go out, depending on the team situation, I think he has a chance to be selected No. 1 overall in the 2011 draft.

Perry Jones 6'10'' Forward, Baylor

Jones is a 6-foot-10 athletic freak. He has a high ceiling and the ability to play either forward position.

He is a good jump-shooter, with the ability to shoot the three. Not to mention, he shot in the mid-range is almost automatic.

He has the advantage of playing the three-position rather than the four. He displays phenomenal foot speed and athleticism. When he is cutting to the basket, you can throw it up to him and expect a basket. He is very strong around the rim, looking to dunk the ball every chance he can.

He is a decent weak-side shot blocker that is improving every day.

On every draft website, he is as high as one or two. He has the ability to be a great prospect as long as he continues to improve.

C.J Leslie 6'8'' Small Forward, NC State

Leslie is athletically long with a reported 7-foot-2 wingspan. He has developed his game in many areas.

Slashing to the basket, he can give you consistent scoring. Also, on the break you can expect him to finish strong as well.

He gets off a lot of dunks in the post, but also off alley-oops as well. He makes the guards feel good, knowing that they can throw it up to him and expect consistency every time.

His offense is impressive but his defense is better. He uses that long wingspan to get into passing lanes, block shots, and knock the opposition out of their offensive sets.

He has the chance to be something big in the league. With one year of college basketball, Leslie will be a lottery pick in the draft if he decides to come out.

(What do you think? Are these guys sure one-and-done players? I know I miss a few: Brandon Knight, Fab Melo, Jared Sullinger, who else? What do you think about this list? Comment below and let your voice be heard.)

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  1. renardo sidney is going to the league after one year

  2. Sidney will be a One-and-Done as well. If you haven't read the article, find his name and you'll see


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