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Scramble at The Top: Who Is The Best Athlete In The 2011 Recruiting Class?

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This summer, College Basketball fans have become more interested in recruiting than ever. You have three athletes that could be the No. 1 overall player.

One athlete jumped into the picture this summer. In fact, Anthony Davis is considered to be the No. 1 overall player to a lot of scouts. He was once a guard but his seven-inch growth spurt has him playing forward. I assume you can guess what kind of player he is.

You also have Quincy Miller. Miller has opened a lot of eyes this summer with his play on the Olympic team. He hit the game winning shot to seal the victory. The U.S went on to receive gold medals and Miller is considered to be the No. 1 player.

Lastly, you have Michael Gilchrist. Gilchrist has always been considered to be the No. 1 overall recruit. He has about everything you would want in a wing threat. He has great offense that commends his defensive intensity. I mean, Gilchrist is one of the most complete forward I've seen in a while.

So, is there really a top ranked player? Let's find out.

F Anthony Davis 6'10''

When every recruiting site updates their rankings a familiar name will rest at the top of the board. Anthony Davis will potentially be the name. Davis was 6-foot-3 about a year ago. He played the guard position and didn't lure the attention of many college coaches.

However, this off-season, he showcased his new 6-foot-10 frame in a Nike Skills Camp and ESPN along with scouts all over the world fell in love. He was immediately thrown Kevin Durant comparisons.

He still has great handle, a jump-shot and post moves. If you incorporate that all into a 6-foot-10 frame it only spells mix-match.

He is definitely tough to guard now. With a player his height being able to handle the ball it'll be tough guarding him one-on-one. If you try to put small forwards on him, he'll use his strength to score; and power forwards are too slow.

F Michael Gilchrist 6'7''

Do you want a mature player that is ready to contribute right away? Well that's too bad because Kentucky already has him. Gilchrist, no question, is one of the best scorers in his class. He can score the ball in almost any way. It doesn't come with flash either. It's whatever gets the job done.

With the play of Gilchrist the US team was able to stay competitive.

But as soon as the US won the gold medal, Gilchrist went off and played in the Nike Peach Jam the following day. Yes, it's the same tournament were Anthony Davis gained his fame.

According to ESPN, Gilchrist went to sleep at 5 A.M and woke up at 9 A.M. to play in the Peach Jam. He was still successful and came away with 26 points. Oh yeah, Anthony Davis had the duties of holding Gilchrist that day.

F Quincy Miller 6'10''

In my opinion, Miller is the best all-around forward this class has to offer. Miller for his size has great ball-handling skills. He has the ability to get anywhere on the court he wants. With that comes a great shooting touch and explosiveness.

If anybody has the ability to be the next Kevin Durant it's Miller. He has great length but is equipped with a smaller frame. But that doesn't stop him from scoring the basketball at will.

If you remember what I said above, Miller hit the game winning shot on the biggest stage. That alone shows you his maturity as a basketball player. He wants to be the go-to-guy and has the mentality you need to succeed as a basketball player.

But overall, no matter what the rankings say, these three players are the best in the class. Like in College Basketball, the No. 1, 2 and 3-teams are always the best. But does that mean No. 1 is any better?

One thing is apparent with these three players and that’s a bright College Basketball future.

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