Monday, July 5, 2010

Rick Pitino Says Justin Coleman 'Has a Tough Road'

Last season for Louisville was inconsistent in every shape and form.

They defeated the greats and lost against teams like Charlotte--who?!

Despite the key victories, the Cardinals were left in the first round of the NCAA tournament.

As a result, they lost all their leadership and playmakers from a year before.

They're most likely going to have all-freshman and sophomores in their starting five.

Which isn't bad cause they will develop with one-another.

But now that the off-season has arrived, there has been some pleasant and unpleasant news about the Louisville basketball program.

Lately the buzz around Louisville has been about Roburt Sallie transferring to Louisville.

However, has everybody forgotten about recruit Justin Coleman?

Coleman is a 6-foot-4 shooting guard that fell into Rick Pitino's hand because of grade issues. He could have gone to any top program easily if it wasn't for his current eligibility situation.

But Pitino took a gamble on the superstar and it looks like it has failed miserably. Don't get me wrong, it was well worth the risk.

Coleman was said to be waiting on test scores that would decide if he was eligible or not. However, the Memphis transfer Sallie happens to play the same position as Coleman.

Are the Cardinals prepping for a season without the best recruit they've had in years?

Coleman is a superstar type of player. He has the ability to step right in and elevate the guard position for the Cardinals.

Coleman is also equipped with great leaping ability. He showcases highlight dunks in transition, or if he is given enough space. 

He has the ability to attack the rim at all cost and carry the load for a team.

Coleman is a big-time prospect and even with his eligibility problems, Pitino took a chance on him.

Without Coleman next season Louisville is in big trouble.

They have no explosive option of offense besides Peyton Siva. Kyle Kuric established himself in the Syracuse game, but one outing isn't showing fans how much you really can contribute.

Louisville has a big problem to fix without its big-time playmaker Coleman--that's if Head Coach Rick Pitino is right.

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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