Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quincy Miller: Where Will The No. 1 Forward in the 2011 Recruiting Class End Up?

Many may know Quincy Miller as "Miller Time" but start calling him big time. You know the old saying of “big time players, make big time plays?”

With just about 25 seconds left on the clock, Miller was on the wing and hit the game-winning three that won the U18 National team their gold medal.

That alone shows you his maturity as a basketball player. He is willing to step up and make plays when his team needs it.

Miller is a highly-touted recruit and after his performance on the U18 National team, he has to be considered the No. 1 overall prospect in the upcoming recruiting process.

Miller is a 6-foot-10 forward. He has the ability to play all five positions because of his athleticism, size and length. 

He has great handle with the ball at 6-foot-10. Not only that, but he can stretch the defense with his shooting.

If I had to compare Miller to another player, he would definitely be a Kevin Durant clone.

He has the ability to fill up the stats sheet and will have an instant impact wherever he decides to go.

He has a high basketball I.Q and is the type of player you can build your program around.

He has good vision and passing skills for his size. When penetrating the lane, he doesn’t force things. If he notices the defense is clamping on him, he’ll pass the ball to the open defender.

This shows you his ability to create for others and himself.

To go along with his size, he displays good speed. If you're running in transition, you feel safe with Miller running behind you. 

He finishes strong around the rim and has the ability to throw down power full dunks, or alley-oops on defenders.

On defense, he can be a great weak-side shot blocker. 

He comes out of nowhere for the rejection--or he will simply just swat your driving lay-up or shot. 

I've also had the chance to witness him block a dunk attempt.

He has the ability to lock down on defenders because of his size. He swats at the ball and gets a lot of steals because of his length.

In addition, he can clean the boards. He is always around the rim either cleaning up a miss, or grabbing a board and looking to push the ball.

A lot of teams are looking for an all-around talent like Miller and he could end up anywhere.

There is Kentucky, Wake Forest, Georgetown, Oklahoma, and Duke that has Miller's interest.

It's reported that he has a strong interest in the University of Kentucky.

However, don't count out other suitors. 

Big time Quincy Miller has become one of the hottest recruits because of his play this past year.

He will only continue to improve and give scouts more to drool about.

Check out his latest highlight video produced by ONEent

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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