Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kyrie Irving Starting at Point Guard Affects Nolan Smith

I'm sure college basketball junkies across the globe have been getting acquainted with Duke's newly acquired Kyrie Irving.

Irving is a five-star prospect that will make an instant impact for Duke. He is a true-point guard and the best one since Jay Williams.

The Blue Devils are going to call on Irving to fill the shoes of former point guard Jon Scheyer. He will grow out of Scheyer's shoes before the season even starts and that's great news for any Duke Fan or player--that's if your name isn't Nolan Smith.

Smith is heading into next season as one of the greatest seniors in college basketball. That is a great tag to have if you’re Smith. 

He brings you scoring from the wing in many ways. He has the ability to knock down three-point jumpers consistently.

Not to mention, he has the ability to finish around and at the rim. He likes to float the ball and throw up runners but that won't stop him from finishing strong at the rim.

But to be considered a top prospect at the next level the scouts will need to see his point guard abilities.

Smith is 6-foot-2 and is more of a shooting guard then point guard. 

He lacks elite vision and passing skills. Scouts thought one more year of college would be the perfect chance for Smith to curb the flaw.

However, that is where things get complicated. 

Duke brought in Irving to complete the point guard position. Not just Irving, but added depth with Tyler Thornton.

So do you really believe that he will have the time to show scouts he can run the offense?

That is the main thing holding him back from being a lottery pick. Not many teams are willing to take chances on a guy that is under-sized at the two and unable to run an offense.

This is another situation of Eric Bledsoe and John Wall—except, this is at Duke.

If Smith is unable to show his true-point guard skills, I doubt teams will take him seriously come draft time.

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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