Saturday, July 17, 2010

Is Kentucky Recruiting The Next Evan Turner?

Posted by CoHoops Josh Dhani

Kentucky had a very successful season last year with the likes of John Wall, Eric Bledsoe and DeMarcus Cousins.

Now they enter another year where the five-star prospect will come-in.

It almost seems like their entering another year with the top recruiting class, thanks to head coach John Calipari.

But they will not have a John Wall type of guy. Unfortunately, the guy they're trying to bring in won't be there until the year of 2012.

Calipari and the Kentucky Wildcats have their eye on  6'7" guard-forward Kyle Anderson.

According to, Anderson could be the next Evan Turner, who was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers in the 2010 NBA Draft.

Turner was the leader of the Ohio State Buckeyes run in the NCAA Tournament.

Anderson's eyes colleges like DePaul, Louisville, North Carolina, Syracuse, and of course, Kentucky.

But what makes him so much like Turner?

According to, Anderson was taught by his father to play the point guard position.

Though Anderson doesn’t have the speed like an average point guard, his height is an advantage and he has the ability to make nice passes that the other point guards can make.

"I think I've been able to score more, use my length to get buckets easier. I'm long so that's an advantage. I've stepped my game up my scoring," Anderson told

Anderson plans to visit Kentucky in the fall.


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