Monday, July 5, 2010

Is Harrison Barnes College Basketball's New Star?

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell

Every year in college basketball a new star will be inserted into the nation’s spotlight.

Two years ago, it was Blake Griffin from Oklahoma University. He had a stellar freshman year but an outstanding sophomore year.

This past season was both Evan Turner and John Wall. But we all know the nation was behind the Player of the Year Evan Turner.

Now all three of those players are gone and a new star is emerging to college basketball stardom.

Harrison Barnes is coming out of high school nabbed as the No. 1 overall freshmen in the 2010 recruiting class. 

If you ask around, some go as far to saying, Barnes will be the best overall player in the college game next season.

If everybody likes a playmaker on both ends of the floor, then you will fall in love with Barnes.

He has all the god-given talent in the world. He is blessed with the athleticism and ability to dominate in the college game as well as the pros. 

What makes him so exhilarating is his athleticism. He has the ability to play any position on the court thanks to his athleticism. 

He is a great ball-handler. If you watch mix tapes around the country, you will see Barnes making nifty moves to shake the defender—or maybe you will witness him beat a defender off the dribble.

He finishes strong around the lane, highlighted by facials, and acrobatic lay-ups.

He runs the floor well in both offensive and defensive transition. 

Similar to LeBron James, I think before the end of this year you will start seeing chase down blocks from Barnes.

Barnes goes hard on each end of the floor. He will develop into a weak-side shot blocker because of his determination and length.

Once he starts playing basketball for North Carolina everybody has high hopes for him. Some are prepping for a Carmelo Anthony type run with the Tar Heels.

But is he really that good?

With the way Barnes approaches the game, I believe he has a legit chance at becoming the next freshmen to lead his team to a National Championship.

However, Tar Heel fans do not get too happy.

This fate has only transpired four-total times in the past. Once in the last 20 years. 

But Barnes is a freakish athlete with a lot of upside. He will definitely help the Tar Heels get back on their feet.

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