Thursday, July 15, 2010

Iowa State Is Royce White Worth The Risk?

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell

If you didn't get the memo, Royce White signed with Iowa State. Yes, it's the same White that was caught shoplifting at the Mall of America and charged with fifth degree misdemeanor assault. 

White was considered one of the best wing-threats in the nation coming out of high school. Instead of going anywhere in the country, White decided to stay home in Minnesota to play with the Gophers.

However, after getting in trouble, suspended, and quitting the team, his image took a turn for the worst.

But I assure you, White is a totally different person than he was a year ago. In fact, he learned how to play the piano in his free-time. I don't know how much that matters to you, but it does show you that he wants to stay out of trouble.

As for Iowa State, they hit the jackpot here. This is the same team that lost Greg McDermott to Creighton, Craig Brackins, and Marquis Gilstrap left for the draft; Justin Hamilton and Dominique Buckley transferred; not to mention, early May their guard Charles Boozer was arrested for allegedly slapping and kicking a women. 

So with that in mind, why would the Cyclones take a chance on White?

The Cyclones needed an elite player after both Gilstrap and Brackins left for the NBA draft. So why not go after White?

White is a 6-foot-8 wing threat that will create havoc next season.

With Diante Garrett returning, I expect him to step up big time with White as his wingman. Last season he had a 2-1 assist/turnover ratio. This season, I think he will average more assist and have a better ratio.

Despite the fact that the Cyclones have been through a lot this off-season, things have settled down and the newly acquired Head Coach Fred Hoiberg is digesting the challenge of being Iowa State's Head Coach.

Taking a chance on Royce White will pay off big time in the end. A lot of people are sleeping on the Cyclones ability to win next season. But with a decent coach like Fred Hoiberg, White and Garrett they'll be competitive.

They will not be a push over like everybody is expecting.


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