Thursday, July 15, 2010

If Deuce Bello Goes to Louisville, Will Quincy Miller Follow?

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell

This up-coming season, the Louisville Cardinals aren't going to impress with the players on their roster.

Don't get me wrong, Louisville is equipped with young players that are still learning the game. But the leadership role and scoring will be a question without their top contributors from last season.

That is setting up a possible learning season. 

However, for next year, the Cardinals are hopefully going to have Justin Coleman and more elite 2011 recruits.

Deuce Bello has always been known for his high flying dunks and the posters he creates. 

However, Bello has separated himself from the pack this summer, showcasing more than his elite explosiveness. 

He has the ability to set up and shoot the basketball well in the mid-range. He is also equipped with enough ball-handling skills that'll send a defender to the floor.

This summer was more like a coming out party for Bello. In return, more colleges started taking notice in the 6-foot-3 shooting guard.

Louisville Head Coach Rick Pitino has jumped all over the idea of acquiring Bello. He has expressed interest in following Bello for the rest of the summer. 

Bello has also showed interest in Louisville. Earlier this month, Bello was reported to have 'heavy' interest. 

Now it's no secret that Bello's best friend is Quincy Miller. They both play for D-One Sports and grew as both basketball players and friends.

When the rumors of Bello's interest in Louisville started to surface, I quickly thought about what that meant for Miller.

If Bello went to Louisville I wouldn't be surprised if Miller followed.

If Louisville was able to get both of these players, that would be the best 2011 recruiting class, without question. 

With Bello and Miller playing on the same court together, words can't explain how much this duo can do. Miller does it all. He scores, rebounds and shares the rock better than anybody in his class.

Bello follows up with the intensity, explosiveness, and quickness. 

However, recruiting is far from over. Bello has offers from five different schools and Miller seems to lean towards Kentucky.

But in my opinion, I think if these two prospects can stay together they will. They almost seem like brothers off-the-court and it's hard to say they'll break apart.


  1. Definitely the most the exciting duo in the 2011 recruiting class. Although, I think Bello will show everybody he deserves to be in the top-five of the 2011 recruiting class


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