Thursday, July 22, 2010

What If Bobby Gonzalez Is Found Not Guilty?

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell
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Bobby Gonzalez was the head coach of Seton Hall during the 09-10 season. 

Last year, the Seton Hall Pirates had a very inconsistent season. They were once 8-0 and proving to be a good coach. However, after the loss to Temple the Pirates rebounding problem was more evident.

He led the Pirates to the NIT tournament before losing in a bad manner. Herb Pope threw a low-blow and when Jeremy Hazell isn't firing, the Pirates cannot produce.

That happened in the NIT tournament, things got heated, and a loss occurred. That same month, Bobby Gonzalez was fired as the Head Coach of Seton Hall and their search for a new one began.

Well, earlier this month, Bobby Gonzalez was arrested for shoplifting at a mall. It was reported that he was near a 1,400 dollar satchel.

That was the reported item he was trying to steal and is being charged for that.

Now yesterday Bobby Gonzalez pleads not guilty to the charges facing him. 

What if he really is innocent and it's all speculation, does that help him land another job as a Head Coach?

Well, with the charges that are facing, he will need to be proven not guilty to be considered for another coaching gig. I can't think of any school out there that would bring in a coach that has off-the-court distractions.

If he is proven guilty I believe it will be a lot harder on him than it would be if he was innocent.

Once, IF, he is proven not guilty I don't even think he will be able to land the coaching job he wants. 

He will have to prove that he can be a great coach on-and-off the court. Whether or not he proves his innocence or not, Athletic Directors are going to think twice about having Bobby Gonzalez on staff.

There is no question a coach like Gonzalez has a chance to land another coaching job but it will be hard on him.


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