Saturday, July 31, 2010

If Anthony Davis Commits To Kentucky The Wildcats Are National Contenders

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell
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Since John Calipari began his coaching career with the Kentucky Wildcats, they have been well-known for attracting elite talent.

They acquired one of 
the best freshman recruiting classes a year ago that produced five NBA draft picks.

This upcoming 
season, Coach Calipari intends to make it six. He acquired Brandon Knight, Terrence Jones, Enes Kanter, Doron Lamb, Stacey Poole, Jarrod Polson and Eloy Vargas.

No question, Kentucky has the best recruiting 
class this year, as well. John Calipari continues to bring in talent, and nothing is modifying his recruiting endeavors.
Thus far in the 2011 recruiting 
class, he has received two verbal commitments. Michael Gilchrist and Marquis Teague help Calipari maintain the recruiting trend.

Now with the No. 1 overall 
along with the best guard in the 2011 class, it is time for a post presence.

the emergence of Anthony Davis, the Wildcats were one of the first teams to take notice.
Davis loves the fact that Kentucky produces NBA lottery talent, and that is one reason he is considering the program.

When Davis shortened his 
list Kentucky was amongst the leaders. If the Wildcats can receive a verbal commitment from Davis as well, I declare them national contenders.

think about a lineup that features Davis, Gilchrist and Teague.

The Wildcats will have the flexibility 
of going big or small and still contributing at a high level.

Teague will always play 
at the one, but with Gilchrist, you can slide him at the two or three and expect contributions as long as Gilchrist is on the wing he is productive.

Davis can be 
courted in three spots—the small or power forward along with the center position. He was guard about a year ago, and his frame allows him to be versatile on the basketball court.

This trio will be able to 
contend for a National title. A talented point guard, wing threat, and post presence is particularly useful when you are building a successful team.
However, Calipari will need to bring in LeBryan Nash, Tony Wroten Jr. and Trevor Lacey as well as retaining DeAndre Liggins, Darius Miller, and Stacey Poole.

Nevertheless, trying to win a National 
Championship is hard--especially if you are a freshman. With the talent and leadership ability of Gilchrist, the Wildcats are Anthony Davis away from being National Contenders.

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  1. If Anthony Davis does commit to Kentucky where do you think Quincy Miller would go?

  2. I think he would consider Louisville over everyone else.

  3. So duke's out've the picture?

  4. Not completely. His top list featured Duke. Plus, he said "I'm a student athlete, not an athlete student." So he could fit perfectly with Duke.

  5. Dont b Surprised if Qmill goes to uk also...

  6. I won't. Although, I do think it will be tough. But you never know, Wall and Bledsoe played well together, Davis and Miller could do the same.

    We'll just have to wait and see how things play out.

  7. You know sometimes these coaches go out and say a lot of negative things about another coach and program when they are trying to recruit a young man and that back fires in their face. It only makes that recruit and his family look bad at that coach and have a more positive look at the coach they were low balling. UK & Coach Cal have taken a lot of BS and it doesn't seem to have affected their recruiting, like the old saying "Sticks & Stones may break my Bones, but Lies will Never Hurt UK/Coach Cal"

  8. @metalaram I agree 100 percent. I don't think anything could slow down Calipari in recruiting.

  9. DeAnte, As I see, our paths have cross again. I was Bobby S. in our discussion on Slick Rick Pitino. I really enjoyed that discussion. You are a very enlightened young lady on sports and you don't see that a lot. You remind me of my daughter, she was into sports, motorcycles, and a real tomboy also before she started her family. Keep in touch if you have enjoyed our conversations as much as I

  10. But, I have to thank you for the kind words. I love the debate all the time!

  11. Sorry for the mistake, When you are as old, 64, as I, you get confused by names and pictures. Now I understand why you are as versed in sports as you are. As for my daughter, she became a real Soccer mom as her family increased. Her oldest daughter is a senior in college in Atlanta and plays soccer. Like I said, keep in touch and we can keep each other informed on what is going on with KState and UK.

  12. Oh, it's understood. Sounds like you have yourself an interesting family! and will do!...I will definitely keep in touch.


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