Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hoosiers' New Recruits Hope to Bring The Fans What They Want

Posted by CoHoops Josh Dhani
The Indiana Hoosiers' basketball program brought in some solid recruits in Will Sheehey, Victor Oladipo, and Guy-Marc Michel.

Basketball has always been something popular for Indiana University. Actually, basketball has been something popular for the whole state of Indiana. This is where they eat, sleep, born, breathe, and live basketball.

For IU, it's really something special. From Bob Knight and Steve Alford to Eric Gordon and D.J. White, IU is rebuilding their team with head coach Tom Crean.

Since the departure of White and Gordon as they entered the National Basketball Association, the Hoosiers have struggled and gone through some painful defeats.

They haven't even gotten over .500 since their departure.

But the three new recruits bring something special. And the fans are hungry. Hungry for winning again. Hungry for the joy of the team's basketball. Hungry for everything.

And they want their team to revive. And the three new recruits bring something special and are the team's only shot at reviving themselves.

"When I actually found out what this place is about, about how much people care and how much the players care and how much basketball is more than just a game to these people -- it means the same to me -- that's how I knew, this is where I wanted to be," Will Sheehey told the Indianapolis Star.

Oladipo and transferred Michel will also help out well. They have been adjusting to the new atomosphere and the new basketball program. Along with that, adjusting to the college life.

Oladipo is a 6'4" guard who can run and can't stop. He has the speed and can rock the house.

For Sheehey, he is a shooter. The 6'5" guard has a nice stroke and some range. He'll help a lot.

Michel will be very interesting. At 7'1" and 278 pounds, he has a nice advantage and is something the Hoosiers need: a guy that can rebound and can take advantage of his size.

But the recruit from France still has a few things to work on and if he keeps developing, he can be one of the top centers in the Big Ten and the NCAA.

"I can bring a presence inside, block some shots, grab some rebounds, help the team defensively," Michel said.

"I think the guy can stand on the ground and put his hands straight up and pretty much touch the rim without jumping," Sheehey said. "If you can, imagine that standing under the basket. Next time you're looking up at the basket, trying touching the rim without jumping. That's what you've got with Guy."

Michael has been improving and is really progressing on his turnaround shots.

The Hoosiers are entering a hopeful year and will have high hopes. IU has their nice Big Three and they hope to bring IU fans what they have been longing for: enjoyment.

The past two years have been sad, rather depressing. The two-season total went to a 16-46 record, something you definitely can't be thrilled about.

But these three young guys can help build something special and makes this program at the top of their class again.

"When you see teams still pushing and trying to win every game, they have good things going for them," Sheehey said. "You can't judge a team purely off wins and losses.

"When you see guys competing, diving for loose balls, going for every rebound, you know that's a team you want to play for."

And that is what matters.

Looking forward to the 2010-11 season for Indiana basketball.

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