Sunday, July 11, 2010

Has Calipari Ruined Kentucky's Image?

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell
Kentucky Head Coach John Calipari is likable to some but despised by most. He has been a part of recruiting violations that have vacated his wins and tournament runs.

To me some have been questionable and others, not so much.

Despite that, Calipari has always been a favorable coach. He comes in, five-star recruits follow and 'bam' you have the production.

It's always great to post wins but is Calipari winning strategies beginning to hurt Kentucky's image?

Last season, just about everybody from his first recruiting class was drafted in the 2010 NBA draft--the first round I might add.

Calipari did not seem to mind that most of his roster left for the draft. In fact, he was happier for them.

During the draft, Calipari said something that rubbed many college fans the wrong way. He stated that the 2010 NBA draft night was the most historical night in Kentucky basketball history.

It was also reported that he wanted to produce six first-rounder’s in the 2011 NBA draft.

Kentucky has one of the richest traditions in college basketball. They were the first program to post 2,000 division I victories.

Not to mention, the Wildcats have put together some memorable teams.

Do you remember the Kentucky Fab-Five? Together as a team, they complemented one another so well that their games ran to the National Championship.

Kentucky's Fab-Five won the National Championship and on top of that, they helped the Olympic team win a Gold Medal.

What about the 1996 squad? They were one of the deepest squads in Kentucky basketball history.

You think last year team was good, well they were better. They won a National Championship and the team had most of their roster drafted.

The Wildcat Nation is familiar with coaches that can keep the winning tradition alive but also keep the schools standards under control.

Since taking the job, the academics has took a turn for the worse. Last year's guard John Wall is facing allegations that I don't believe is true. In fact, I thought it was only speculation.

In addition, Eric Bledsoe was also investigated for his transcript and the money provided to him as a high school student. Not to mention, Calipari was dissed by a rapper named J. Cole.

Not that the diss is relevant to basketball, but it just shows how much of a hated figure he is, on-and-off the court.

Now you can't really say Calipari has ruined the image of the Wildcats. That's because he hasn't done anything wrong.

His athletes are the ones that spark allegations and everybody throws it on him because he is known for violations.

His student athletes didn't may much attention to school and that took a toll on the academics. 

I love watching Kentucky basketball. They have one of the best fan-bases in the country and on top of that, they can play some basketball.

I am not a Kentucky fan but I sure feel sorry for what has happened to the program. It's still one of the richest basketball programs but it's also academically bad.

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  1. I think college basketball has ruined Kentucky Basketball. John Calipari just happens to be playing by the rules. Let's face it, these one and done 'student' athletes are not going to school to get an education. You either make them go four years or you create a separate venue sponsored by the school. To make them go to school for one year is senseless. Someone smarter than me can figure this out but I am sure there is an answer...ask Dick Vitale!


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