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Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 2010-11'' Season Preview

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

2009-10 Record: 23-13
2009-10 ACC Record: 7-9

This past year, the Yellow Jackets had the best inside duo in the ACC. Gani Lawal and Derrick Favors sparked the frontcourt like no other.

If you would have mixed them in with better guards, the Yellow Jackets would have definitely went further than they did.

However, you can't be too mad at the Yellow Jackets. They were able to reach 20 wins and a NCAA tournament berth. That is something that hasn't been achieved since the 2006-07 season.

Key Returnees

The Yellow Jacket returns only a few key players from last year’s NCAA tournament run.

The most important return came from 6-foot-4 shooting guard Iman Shumpert. He was the third-leading scorer on the team that was dominated by Favors and Lawal.

They also returned Glen Rice the 6-foot-5 combo guard. He didn't play a major role in the offense, but now with Favors and Lawal gone, Rice and Shumpert can turn this into a great duo.

They also returned role players such as: Brian Oliver, Daniel Miller, and Maurice Miller. All three of these players will need to step up and make an impact.

Key Departures

Due to the fact that Favors and Lawal were so good down low, they both left for the NBA draft. That left a huge hole in the frontcourt. Both of them were the leading scorers and rebounders.

The Yellow Jackets powerful frontcourt is all but gone. No size left behind because the 7-foot center Brad Sheehan also left.

D'Andre Bell and Zachery Peacock will definitely be missed on the wings.

They provided the Yellow Jackets with consistent energy and hustle on every possession. Their numbers may not be up-to-par but they were great players that every team needs to be successful.

Key Additions

The Yellow Jackets added 6-foot-5 wing threat Jason Morris.

Morris is a great wing player. He makes decisive cuts and stays alert.

Morris is always looking to slam the ball down when he gets it cutting to the basket.

Not only just cutting, but he is big time once he gets into the open floor. He runs well in transition and should be on the highlight reel a lot next season.

Morris has the ability to knock down the mid-range jumper and play great defense. He blocks shot from the weak-side and also jumps passing lanes.

He moves well without the ball and doesn't need it in his hands to make plays.

Morris was a great addition but they really needed frontcourt help. With the departures, the Yellow Jackets tallest player is 6-foot-6.


The Yellow Jackets had a very good squad last year but was still unable to do anything because of poor guard play. 

However, there guards now have more options but none in the frontcourt. 

Georgia Tech has lost its powerful frontcourt and added no recruits to curb that. This will definitely come back to haunt them seeing that there tallest player is 6-foot-6.

If a grade was given out for you off-season work, the Yellow Jackets would have the poorest grade. 

They really need frontcourt help but were unable to get it. Morris on the wing was a great addition, but with a small frontcourt, rebounds and defense in the post is going to be hard to come by.

The under-sized frontcourt will have the Yellow Jackets going 110 percent every night. If they slack off once, they may give away a win.

Georgia Tech will definitely not be as good as they were a year ago.

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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