Friday, July 30, 2010

Does Perry Ellis Show Potential To Be The No. 1 Overall Prospect?

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The 2012 recruiting class will add another dimension to College Basketball. You have Kyle Anderson that is said to be the next Evan Turner. Then you have Andre Drummond but I'm just going to call him 'size.'

Then you have Perry Ellis from Wichita, Kansas.

Kansas isn’t considered to produce a lot of talent, in fact, the last person to make a name for themselves in Kansas was…I had to scratch my head on that one.

But with Perry Ellis it’s a lot different. In Wichita, Ellis has made a name for himself. Not just in Kansas but nationwide.

Before, Ellis was considered to be a solid 6-foot-7 power forward. However, after his performances this summer scouts have to contemplate about that theory.

Ellis a High School junior-to-be acquired offers from just about everyone in the country. He has heard a lot from both Kansas, Kansas State along with Memphis and Kentucky.

These four schools are courted at most of his games. I know Bill Self always finds a way to watch Ellis play—same for Frank Martin.

Either way, these coaches witnessed a young basketball talent transform into a mature superstar.

This summer, Ellis showcased another part of his game. At 6-foot-7 he has the ability to pull up jumpers in the mid-range. Some go as far as saying he has the ability to stroke three-pointers consistently.

With that comes the ability to handle the ball. His aggressive attack puts a lot of pressure on the opposition.

His physical frame allows him to fight off defenders, while finishing strong through contact.

In the frontcourt Ellis is a monster. He likes to use his strength when shielding off defenders to grab a rebound. He battles hard on the glass and gathers almost every rebound.

Not to mention, he has the ability to put it back or throw down a tip-dunk.

His array of post moves adds another dimension to his game. He uses spins, pump-fakes and nifty moves to keep the defender guessing.

Now add his ability to knock down jumpers with his post skills and you have yourself an extraordinary talent.

Ellis is equipped with a very good inside-out game. His ability to stroke three-balls, post up and finish strong has scouts drooling over his potential.

He has tremendous upside and crazy athleticism. He provides nightmare matchups for opposing teams because of his versatility.

Right now he is courted in the top-10 of most recruiting sites. Ellis certainly does have No. 1 potential and I wouldn't be startled to witness it transpire.

If he maintains the same intensity and approach it could certainly occur. It surely wouldn’t be an easy feat to achieve. With the top being so crowded, Ellis is going to have to work hard to attain the No. 1 overall ranking.

Nevertheless, with his work ethic and determination, he can achieve anything.

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