Thursday, July 15, 2010

Despite The Loss Of Matt Bouldin, The Zags' Are Still The 'Mid-Major' to Beat

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell
When you saw Matt Bouldin play, more than stats met the eye. Yes, he did average 15.6 points, 4.7 rebounds and four assist per game. Then you could throw in the occasional two steals as well.

But his leadership on the court is what kept the Zags' competitive in most of their games.

Bouldin's leadership and play kept the Zags' successful. Now how are they going to find that same intensity next year?

Well, the Zags' are still equipped with Elias Harris. The 6-foot-7 wingman is still on the team after bypassing the NBA draft.

Over the season, he showcased the ability to be a dominant wing player and post presence. He had five double-double games, highlighted by his 31-and-13 performance in a (89-82) win against Saint Mary's.

Steven Gray is almost like a clone of Bouldin. He is the main reason why I think they'll stay competitive next season. 

Gray is a 6-foot-5 guard with the ability to share, score and rebound the basketball.

He seems so similar to Bouldin because last season he averaged 13.6 points, four rebounds and 2.9 assist. Those are numbers he achieved playing beside Bouldin. Now just imagine what his numbers are going to be next year.

With the tandem of Gray and Harris I think the Zags' are still the Mid-Major to beat. As long as Gray steps up and fills the shoes of Bouldin the Zags' are in prime position to continue the success.


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