Thursday, July 8, 2010

Corey Joseph Could Help Fix Texas Backcourt Woes

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell
The Texas Longhorns are known to be potent competition in the Big 12. In the past season, nobody would witness hardly a bad season out of their basketball program. 

They have a rich tradition and hoist some of the nation’s top talent. However, if you witnessed the Longhorns last season, you wouldn’t of known that.

Last season, the Texas Longhorns started the year off flawless. They began with a (17-0) record, not to mention, they seemed virtually unstoppable with Avery Bradley and top wing talent, Damion James.

However, people credit Kansas State for finding their flaws, but they really built off what Texas Tech created.

The Red Raiders had the then-number one team on the ropes in OT. Texas prevailed, but the Longhorns backcourt was definitely a problem.

They had Bradley, but he was more of a combo-guard than floor-general. Balbay also could have stepped up, but he was used for defensive purposes. He was never really the scoring type of guard.

So once the Longhorns frenzy in the backcourt was evident, they went on a huge downtown. They went from being No. 1 overall, to knocked out of the complete top 25.

The Longhorns thought they had something in J'Covan Brown but he suffered a strained neck mid-season.

As the season ended, Avery Bradley left for the NBA draft. Seniors Dexter Pittman and Damion James were also NBA draftees.

This left the Texas program with questions they needed answers to. J'Covan Brown returned but the point guard position still needs help.

Coach Rick Barnes brought in explosive Corey Joseph to fill the void. Joseph is more like Bradley, but has a better frame for an one-two punch.

Joseph has the ability to spread the floor, make his teammates better and get the crowd into it with his eye popping dunks and crossovers.

In the backcourt will most likely be Brown and Joseph. With Browns floor general abilities and Joseph’s scoring, the Longhorns should be in good shape.

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