Thursday, July 1, 2010

Collegiate Hoops: Florida State Seminoles 2010-11'' Season Preview

Florida State Seminoles

2009-10: 22-10
2009-10 ACC Record: 10-6

Florida State this past season played very good team basketball. Sophomore center Soloman Alabi led the team with 11.0 and everybody else fell in line. 

They had an 8-man rotation that worked out very well. 

They had a productive season in the ACC and will look to do the same next season. After an early first -round loss to Gonzaga in this year’s tournament, they should look to be more dominant next season

Key Returnees

The 'Noles were able to return most of their players from last season’s team that made the NCAA tournament.

They biggest return is Xavier Gibson. He is look on to replace Soloman Alabi in the post. He has great size at 6'11'' and when presented with minutes he will contribute in ways Alabi was able to.

Not to mention, they returned their second leading scorer Chris Singleton. Singleton will be looked on to be the scoring threat down low. He is 6'9'' and a versatile player in the post. The 'Noles will need a bigger scoring punch from him down in the low post.

Michael Snear will be an interesting player to watch. He can be a big-time player once he decides to take a bigger role in the offense.

Key Departures

The 'Noles will have to do without Alabi, Ryan Reid and Jordan DeMercy. The biggest lost was Alabi. The 7-foot-1 center decided his career as a 'Nole was over and joined the NBA draft prospects.

That put a huge hole in the frontcourt. 

He was a big target and could score down on the low block. He was also defensive. He grabbed down a lot of rebounds, blocked and altered shots.

His contributions will be greatly missed.

Reid and Demercy were solid contributors. They were great off the bench commodities and will be greatly missed as well.

The 'Noles were successful because of the services of these three players. They contributed a lot to this program.

Key additions

The 'Noles have a great recruiting class this year. They brought in two ESPNU top 100 recruits as well as junior college transfers.

Okaro White is the most versatile player brought in by Leonard Hamilton. White has the ability to handle the ball at 6'8'' which means he can step out and hit 15-to-20 footers.

Ian Miller is one of the best combo-guards in the country. He has the ability to score in the lane at will. On top of that, you have a guy that is committed to playing defense. 

Jon Kreft may be the biggest signing by Coach Hamilton. He is 7'0'' and will most likely be look on to help fill the shoes of Alabi.

Lastly, Bernard James is 6'9'' all-around talent. James is the type of guy you want running with you on the fast break. He is explosive and has the ability to score inside-out.

The 'Noles have a ton of talent that will turn them into a deep squad next season.


Even after the departure of Alabi, the 'Noles are in perfect position to improve without him. They have a nice squad that is most likely going to present a much larger rotation next season.

They have a nice frontcourt that will highlight more than two players. It will go four and five players deep.

Not to mention, the guards of Florida State are starting to grow more and more. 

The x-factor for this upcoming season will be Michael Snear. He was a freshman last year that didn't have a big role in the offense. 

However, this year Florida State will require him to step up and make plays for the team. 

If he can get going and take on the leader role the 'Noles should be in perfect position to improve their squad.

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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