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College Thrice: What Prospects Can Join Forces to Create a Big-Three?

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell
The biggest thing buzzing in the sports world lately has been LeBron James joining the Miami Heat with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. 

That was a good move, just bad execution. However, the buzz that has been surrounding this only sparked an idea.

In the 2011 recruiting class, there are a ton of players that are most likely one-and-done. 

I say that because quite-frankly they're just that good. I surely hope to have Quincy Miller, Michael Gilchrist, and others for all four-years, but we all know that's not happening.

But what if in the years we had these prospects they joined forces with a team to win a National Championship? 

Something like James, Bosh and Wade has done with Miami.

It wouldn't be crazy to think it couldn't happen, in fact, if it did here are the players that I think could join forces and win a National Championship; and where they should go.

Quincy Miller is the first piece to the puzzle. He is the dynamic 6-foot-9 guard-forward. He is very long and has the ability to be a very successful player.

He rebounds, scores, and brings more passion to the game than any other prospect in the country.

With his maturity and mentality to step up in big games, he is a must for a lot of college programs out there. He kind of reminds me of Kevin Durant.

He almost does just about everything Durant did on his way to college. 

Miller has a lot of interested colleges after his services. Yesterday's tweet said he was a "student-athlete, not an athlete-student" means he could go anywhere in the world if he wanted to.

Next up, on the wing is Michael Gilchrist. To many recruiting sites, Gilchrist is the best the 2011 class has to offer. He is 6-foot-7 and has the ability to do just about anything he wants.

He isn't about flash, but he knows how to get the job done. He puts his team in position to win every game.

Not to mention, he is a potent-rebounder and has the ability to develop into a weak-side shot blocker.

Lastly, add Austin Rivers to the mix. Rivers is a great scoring threat. He can be Mr. Everything on offense. 

He has the ability to stretch the floor with his deadly three-point shot. Not to mention, he is one of the most difficult defenders to grasp in the one-on-one. He showcases nifty jab steps and crossovers before scoring on the defender.

He gets good lift on his shot and is so hard to block because of his quick release.

Along with his shot, he likes to take it to the rim a lot. He has the ability to finish strong through contact with both hands.

Rivers isn't rated the No. 2 overall prospect for nothing.

So, if you get Miller, Gilchrist and Rivers together, to create a College thrice, where would they go?

Well, the only similar college on their list of interest is Kentucky. However, I wouldn't want to see each of these players go to Kentucky and not win a thing again. 

They'll need to go somewhere with depth, talent, a great coach and the ability to win games.

There are several colleges out there that fit the criteria, so I'll give you three scenarios.

Louisville Cardinals - Head Coach Rick Pitino
So with a familiar college on Miller's list, Louisville could be a possible destination. Louisville could surround these three collectively with young playmakers.

Not to mention, they have Rick Pitino, one of the better college coaches in the nation.

Teaming up in Louisville will be a very smart thing if this was to happen.

Look at the projected starting lineup:

[PG - Peyton Siva, SG - Austin Rivers, SF - Michael Gilchrist, PF - Quincy Miller, C - Gorgui Sy Dieng]

Now you can't tell me you wouldn't live with that roster. Also, coming off the bench would be: Kyle Kuric, Rakeem Buckles, George Goode, Jared Swopshire, and Terrence Jennings.

Indiana Hoosiers - Head Coach Tom Crean
Indiana has always been a basketball state. However, the proceeding year, Indiana has been on the wrong side of the losing column.

Now with Tom Crean at the helm, Indiana should be back on its feet. Indiana is on Gilchrist's list as a possible destination, even though he committed to Kentucky.

However, with these three players in the basketball capital, they could make history.

Look at the projected starting lineup:

[PG - Austin Rivers, SG -Maurice Creek, SF - Michael Gilchrist, PF - Quincy Miller, C - Christian Watford]  

Off the bench would be: Verdell Jones III, Jordan Hulls, Victor Oladipo, Will Sheehey, and Guy-Marc Michel.

Florida Gators - Head Coach Billy Donavan
Earlier last decade, Florida was back-to-back National Champions in college basketball. They had a big-three of Joakim Noah, Al Horford, and Corey Brewer.

Billy Donavan has done a fair share of developing players. So why not choose Florida? This is a familiar college on Rivers list.

Florida would be the best possible fit. Not only are they equipped with talent already, but Donavan will help as the coach.

Look at the projected starting lineup:

[PG - Kenny Boynton, SG - Austin Rivers, SF - Michael Gilchrist, PF - Quincy Miller, PF - Patric Young]

Off the bench would be: Ray Shipman, Erving Walker, Casey Prather, Cody Larson Kyle McClanahan and Erik Murphy.

Now if this was to happen, I would like to see these three in one of the destinations above. However, I doubt this is being thought of.

A big three in college basketball is rare, but if it was to happen, these three players would be the ones I would want to see join forces.

There would be no doubt in my mind that these three could win it all. Miller has leadership, Gilchrist has the winner’s mentality, and Rivers provides the scoring. What more could you ask for?

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