Saturday, July 24, 2010

Louisville Guard Preston Knowles Suspended Two Games

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell
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Last season, legal troubles couldn't stay away from the Louisville Cardinals. Their Head Coach Rick Pitino had an extortion case to worry about for most of the season.

Not to mention, once they got into the off-season, a player faced legal issues as well.

Remember the altercations that involved Louisville guard Preston Knowles on May 23?

Knowles was accused of punching his girlfriends step father twice in the face.

He claimed it was self-defense, because earlier that night, Knowles and his girlfriend got into a heated argument. As things started to get out of control, he did what a father was supposed to do, and that's step up for his child.

However, in the process, Knowles allegedly struck the stepfather twice in the face.

It was called a misdemeanor assault, on the account of the minor injuries that occurred to stepfather. No one was arrested or held captive.

But this story rubbed Louisville officials the wrong way. There student-athletes are suppose to stay composed both on and off the court. Every action that is made should be a positive one because you're representing the University of Louisville.

So you knew some kind of punishment was coming on the behalf of Knowles actions.

Well tonight, according to the Courier-Journal, Rick Pitino has issued a two-game suspension to his senior guard Knowles.

Before being able to rejoin the team, Knowles will have to serve his two-game suspension, possibly the opener against Butler, and complete two-weeks of community service.

By the way, Knowles will be absent in exhibition games. I presume, since it was self-defense and no charges were filed, he got the slighter penalty from Pitino.

Either way it goes, the Cardinals are willing to accept his mistake in hopes that he will not do it again.

Louisville will need to use Knowles on the court next season. With such a depleted backcourt, they'll need contributions from a player with experience.


  1. As usually you got the story backwards, The step-father layed hands on Preston as he and his girlfreind had finished their argument ... Knowles said what he had to say and walked away the step-father then grab him from behind with a treathen words in a nasty tone !

    He should have stayed out of it !!!

    Knowles then reacted in self-defense !!!! You guys always get the back end of the story... Why not get it right the first time ?

  2. Well Doc, that is the first time I heard the story like that. It was told to the media how I explained it above. If that was the actual case, I apologize because I had no clue.

    But it's just how everyone explained it to me and I read a few sites that displayed the same thing.


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