Monday, July 19, 2010

College Basketball Rumors: Will Anthony Davis Commit to North Carolina?

Posted by CoHoops Josh Dhani
The 6'10" power forward in Anthony Davis is ranked number twelve in the nation on the recruiting board for the class of 2011, according to the rankings for's recruiting.

However, Davis hasn't made a decision yet of what college he will commit to.

Although, according to, Davis could make a decision of what college he may go to sometime in a month or so.

Many players performed well in LeBron James' Skills Academy.'s College Basketball writer, Jay Bilas, was praising the work of Davis and said he was the best performer over there at the Miami Heat's small forward's academy.

"The best high school players were Nick Faust and Anthony Davis," Bilas said in an chat wrap.

Davis has three schools on his mind, which are the Kentucky Wildcats, Ohio State Buckeyes, and the Syracuse Orange.

Davis has already been to Ohio State, but he told several sources that he will have to visit Kentucky and Syracuse before making a decision of what college he will commit to.

Upon when he will do those visits, his decision will then be made sometime in late July or somewhere during around August.

According to another source at, Davis plans to visit other schools, too, and see if that could change his decision.

It's reported that the North Carolina Tar Heels could have some serious interest in Davis. Davis could visit the school and see if this could impact his decision.

The three schools mentioned earlier are in deep need of a power forward, so Davis could be a great fit for any of those schools.

It's believed that if Davis picks Kentucky, it will have the biggest impact. He would be a great replacement for Patrick Patterson.

Along with that, him committing to Kentucky would mean the other big men in the Class of 2011 will have to maye pick elsewhere.

Here's what's College Basketball Recruiting writer, Paul Biancardi, says of Davis:

"Much has been written about Anthony Davis (Chicago/Perspectives Charter) recently and it is all deserved. He is just beginning to scratch the surface of his tremendous upside and he continues to improve every time he steps on the floor. The 6-9 power forward with an enormous wing span is extremely versatile and highly skilled. He also keeps himself hungry and humble, which will move him ahead of his peers as time goes on. Davis is making a case to be a top-3 player in the Class of 2011."


  1. Hmmmm just wondering but why do you have a picture of Derrick Rose for a story about Anthony Davis?

  2. Ahhh there he is! It appears he is used to wearing blue....I'm sure he'd look great in UK BLUE!


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