Wednesday, July 21, 2010

College Basketball Rumors: Can Coach Calipari Get Davis and Miller?

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell

Coach John Calipari has had success luring in five-star recruits over the years. Not just getting them to the program, but also helping them get to the next level.

He has been successful at UMass, Memphis and Kentucky with recruiting and improving his players. He has done a great job at both. During his first year of coaching at Kentucky, Calipari pulled in one of the most electrifying recruiting classes college basketball has ever seen.

However, with such a lineup—that featured John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins, Patrick Patterson, Eric Bledsoe and Daniel Orton—the Wildcats were still unable to win a National Title.

But they did bring the Kentucky program back into the national picture.

That same season, every starter on their team was drafted in the first round of the 2010 NBA draft. That should be hard to replace right? Not if your name is John Calipari.

He has done more than reloaded. He has pulled in recruits that are going to keep the winning tradition alive in white and blue.

But after this year, I can foresee a lot of players going to the 2011 draft. So once again, Calipari will reload and continue his success.

In the 2011 recruiting class, showcases Quincy Miller, who I believe is the No. 1 overall player. Then you have Anthony Davis, who has made a late spurt and is categorized as a sure top-five prospect.

You can understand how Coach Calipari would want both of these players, but I think he can only have one.

The case of Miller and Davis is really tricky. Both seem to have the same style of play and will require major playing time wherever they decided to go.

But with both players, Kentucky happens to be at the top of their list. They’re both tall forwards that can play guard if they needed to. But also bang inside and make plays.

So how could Coach Calipari land both of these recruits? To me it’s not possible.

With Miller he wants to be in the limelight. He is a superstar type player that should be the No. 1 option on the team. Not to mention, he is a great leader on the court. If you didn’t hear, he was mature enough to step up for his US team and hit the game winning shot to win the gold medal.

Now does that sound second-option caliber?

Talk about a guy that dribbles the ball at 6-foot-9 better than your typical guard. Or the fact that he creates match-up problems at both the three-and-four position.

Everything you want in a basketball prospect Miller has. He has heart, determination, dedication, willingness and a great head on his shoulder.

Now with Davis, he is still up-and-coming, but the attention he is getting for his play only makes him hungrier to improve. He is a guard-forward that is at his best with the ball in his hands.

He can dribble outside the painted area, attack power forwards and create mix-match problems all day. 

Because of his seven-inch growth spurt he has acquired the ability to dominant the inside-out game.

With just one summer of hard work he has already been thrown Kevin Durant comparisons.

Not to mention, every college in the country took notice and is throwing offers his way left-to-right.

But overall, both of these players are similar but very different. Davis has yet to do achieve the fates, Miller has overcome.

However, with the recent improvement in Davis’ game he will be host to many scouts his senior season.
Coach Calipari has the chance to get one of the two players. However, I don’t believe he will be able to get both.

The decision of Davis will come before Miller decides where he wants to go. I think Davis’ decision will have a huge impact on Miller. If he does decide to go to Kentucky, I think Miller will weigh his options and go somewhere else where he can play up to his full potential.

But don’t count out the idea. Just last year, Coach Calipari was able to acquire both John Wall and Eric Bledsoe—two very quick and explosive point guards. So this is not out of mind.

Coach Calipari could snag both of them and use them as he did with Wall and Bledsoe.


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