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Choose Your Path: The Top Un-Signed Prospects

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell
The 2011 recruiting class will welcome in some of the nation’s top prospects. Unlike most, these players have yet to make a commitment.

It's not because they are better, it's more so, finding the best fit. There is a ton of un-signed prospects that could have a big impact in 2011-2012 seasons.

Here are the top un-signed prospects.

LeBryan Nash 6'7'' Small Forward

Nash has been an impressive forward. He has always been highly touted, but after his performance at the Pangos All-American Camp, he jumped the recruiting trails big time.

Coming in, he did not seem aggressive. He really likes to shoot the ball and does that more than an average forward. 

He showed his post skills on the low block, the ability to get to the lane, and he finishes strong almost every time. He is one of those guys that love to play above the rim. 

He can be something very special. He has a great jump-shot, explosive leaping skill, and the ability to run in transition. 

Nash will be one of the best incoming freshmen in the 2011 recruiting class. He is still considering Oklahoma State, Baylor, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Syracuse. Sources say that he is leaning towards OU, but we will find out soon.

Quincy Miller 6'9'' Guard/Forward

Miller without question is the best player in the 2011 recruiting class. 

He is listed at 6-foot-9 but because of his 7-foot-2 wingspan, he can play bigger than that. 

He incorporates that length into his play very well. He is a great defensive presence on the wing because of his length and shot blocking skills. 

He will be a big time defender when he adds weight because he displays lateral quickness and great athleticism. He reminds me so much of Kevin Durant.

On offense, his game is unlimited. If you ever wanted to see a big guy crossover defender and dunk on them, watch Miller.

He is a big time scoring athlete with the ability to grow into an all-around threat. 

He showed maturity and heart during the U18 National Championship game. He hit the game-winning shot that won the U.S gold. 

It takes guts to take a shot like that. He jumped to No. 1 overall because of that shot and it's well deserved. 

Miller is considering Kentucky, Louisville, Duke, Syracuse, and Ohio State. He has eyed Kentucky for sometime but could end at Louisville.

Austin Rivers 6'4'' Guard

Rivers is a 6-foot-4 combo guard. He can play either position but the one should suit him well. 

His jump shot has no limits. He can shoot it almost anywhere on the court. He get's great lift and if you give him too much space, the shot is almost automatic.

He can also get to the rim with the best of them. He displays great ball-handling skills and the aggressiveness to drive the lane. Thanks to his height advantage at the one, he has the ability to attack every second of the game. 

With that, he finishes strong at the rim and gets to the line a lot on 'and-one' plays.

He is a very explosive athlete with the ability to be a crowd favorite. He gives you eye-popping dunks, lay-ups and crossovers that make him great.

He has the great basketball I.Q and a ton of confidence.

Rivers is considering Duke, North Carolina, Florida, Kansas, and UCLA. He is reported to be heavily considering Duke.

Ben McLemore 6'5'' Shooting Guard

McLemore is one of the longest athletes in the recruiting class. He is still almost unknown but deserves respect for his game.

He can shoot the ball consistently in the mid-range. He also has the ability to be an aggressive scorer.

Because of his long, lengthy frame he can be a solid defender at the college level. He slides his feet well and keeps the defense in front of him.

McLemore is a key player when running in transition. You can throw him alleys' and he will finish with the 'oop.

McLemore is considering Kansas, Mizzou, Tennessee, Georgia Tech and Ohio State. The favorite for McLemore's service is the Jayhawks. 

Rakeem Christmas 6'9'' Power Forward

Christmas is one of the better forwards in this class. He sparks the post in many ways.

He has the ability to lock down defensively. He blocks and alters shots with the best of him, thanks to his length.

Christmas is also a great addition to the post offensively. You can throw it down to him and expect him to work. He has the ability to throw down a lot of powerful dunks.

He can also step away from the basket and produce. Outside the paint, he can be effective in the pick-and-roll. He is a terrific screener and makes precise cuts to the basket.

Christmas is a big-time post presence that will create mix-matches down low.

He is considering, Oklahoma, Florida, Georgetown, Texas and FIU. He is reportedly leaning towards FIU with Head Coach Isiah Thomas.

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