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College Hoops Rumors: Suspensions Coming For Notre Dame Players?

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First off, before you dive in, I want you to know, these two players are not bad at all. They're foolish mistake will be forgiven.

Neither one of these players are worried about what happened that night. Each one of them has left it in the past and is focusing on Notre Dame Basketball.

Now please, proceed into the article!

The Notre Dame Basketball program hasn't had to deal with many off-the-field issues. In fact, their recruiting tactics target players with a decent background. Not saying that any of the players that were caught didn't have common sense, but they have brought shame upon the program.

11 Notre Dame Athletes were arrested at the party on July 16, 2010. Or if you want to get technical, then it was July 17, 2010.

Either way, 11 players arrested that represents the Notre Dame Fighting Irish isn't acceptable at all.

Two of the 11 players that were arrested, belong to Mike Brey and the basketball program. Tim Abromaitis, a senior-to-be was one of the arrested players. Eric Atkins, the freshmen from Mount St. Joseph's High School was arrested as well.

By witnessing such a shocking story coming from the Notre Dame program, I was speechless when the accusation was reported. The Notre Dame Program would be the last I would think, could have off-the-court issues. 

However, now thanks to the party, I expect to see these two players suspended. In previous cases, most programs give out stiff suspensions to send a message to their respective peers. 

In this case, due to the irregularity of the off-the-court issues, I don't expect to see a stiff suspension penalty. At the most, the Fighting Irish could be without Atkins and Abromaitis for two-to-six games. 

I don't expect to see anything more than six-games if a suspension is given out.

Due to the fact that the Notre Dame program hasn't publically or reportedly lashed out on the athletes, suspensions could not be in the future. 

So you never know. If in fact there are suspensions handed out, keep in mind they shouldn't get much worse than six games.

But well all hope that we can put this behind us and restore order to the Notre Dame program.


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