Thursday, July 22, 2010

College Hoops Rumors: Can Ryan Harrow Beat Sidney Lowe's Learning Curve?

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Have you had the chance to tune in to the NC Pro Am? If not, I'll fill you in on how NC State's big three has done thus far. Well, their big-three looks great. No chemistry issues or anything that could possibly hurt the team heading into this season. 

However, even though the trio seems to be working well together, Sidney Lowe believes Ryan Harrow isn't ready for the challenges of college basketball.

About a week ago, Sidney Lowe hinted towards a learning curve for the freshmen Harrow.

For one reason; many people look at Harrow and say he isn't ready for the college game. 

He is 6-foot and smaller than most guards. Everyone complains about his lack of bulk but forgets about his ability as a basketball player.

Since hinting at the learning curve, Harrow has been "Working hard every day to be the best."

In fact, he stated "The motivation for me is them telling me what I cannot be."

Definitely with that kind of mindset, Harrow will be able to beat the learning curve hinted by Sidney Lowe. He is too dominant and a superstar caliber player. He is certainly one that doesn't deserve the learning curve.

A point guard is the key to any big three. Harrow, Lorenzo Brown and C.J. Leslie on the same court together can cause damage. However, without Harrow leading them, I don't think they can be as good as they should be.

Harrow is a complete point guard that will make players around him better. With his vision and passing skills, he will make Brown and Leslie play to their full ability. 

Not to mention, he will score from the backcourt as well.

So just a short message to Sidney Lowe and Wolfpack fans out there; Ryan Harrow will be on the court for NC State as a true freshman. He will beat the learning curve and prove to his coach that he deserves to be on the court.

He has had to prove himself all of his life. Not one time has it failed. So why would a downfall start now?


  1. i think ryan will have great season learning curve or not.the kid is very good ball player go nc state.

  2. Harrow is a great talent. I think he beats the so called "learning curve" and prove to people that it's more to the game than height.

    NC State will need him a lot this upcoming season. With Harrow, Brown, and Leslie they'll be great. Especially, if Dominique Sutton decides to transfer there.

    Then you hope they'll stay and with Sutton they'll be National Title contenders.


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