Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bobby Gonzalez Pleads Not-Guilty To Shoplifting Charge

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell
(Photo by Jim Isaac/Getty Images)
Early March, Bobby Gonzalez was fired as the head coach of Seton Hall after missing the NCAA tournament. Not to mention, his players did little to help secure his job.

Herb Pope liked throwing low-blows and Jeremy Hazell shot everything he got his hands on.

But not even that can match what has happened as the Ex-Head Coach of Seton Hall.

Earlier this month Seton Hall former Head Coach Bobby Gonzalez was arrested for shoplifting. He was reported to steal a men's satchel worth 1,400 dollars.

“This is a misunderstanding and series of miscommunications,” Gerald Krovatin said. “Bobby did not intend to steal anything.”

Today, the former coach Bobby Gonzalez pleads not-guilty to the charges that are facing him. 

More on this story coming....


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